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Ecology Essay Example

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January 28, 2019


How Can the USA Bridge the Gap Between Regulated Environmental Sustainability by the EPA and More Freedom to Farmers and the Fossil Fuel Industry?

The wish to provide future generations with the advantages of both developed economy and healthy ecology unites the representatives of significantly dissimilar interests. To implement the idea of “sustainable development” in practice, EPA has started Smart Sectors program (Smith). Notably, the program outlines the importance of environmental protection for businesses, underlines the need for cooperation rather than regulation, and considers its benefits for the sectors, including agriculture and fossil fuel industry.

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Faust Review on Gretchen

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January 21, 2019


What Values or Ideas Does the Character of Gretchen Represent?

The character of Gretchen is an example of an innocent and pure girl who wants to save Faust from Mephistopheles. In fact, she represents the values of happiness and love that lead her to salvation. The ideas of sacrifice and devotion are the core concepts in the book written by Goethe. That is why Gretchen is a symbol of purity due to her kindness, charity, and benevolence.

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Nursing Ethics Essay Sample

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January 14, 2019

Ethics In Nursing

What does it mean to be ethical being a nurse? The main principles of medical ethics are stated in the oath of Florence Nightingale an English nurse and a public figure, who pledged to be faithful, sympathetic and hard-working, to be benevolent and unselfish (The Florence Nightingale Pledge). No doubt that any medical worker has to be highly qualified in their job and follow some ethical rules. So in this essay, I am going to speak about the ethics of a nurse and the ability to deliver accurate information to a patient.

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Religion and War Essay Sample

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January 7, 2019


Does Religion Cause War?

Both religion and war were part of human societies since civilization as such was formed. The debate about the influence of religion on armed conflicts and wars is no shorter. The focus of thinkers and researchers in that respect differs – while many discuss and analyze the views and ideas presented in various religions concerning the war and its eventual justifications (Perry), others concentrate on the role and influence of religion as such or certain religions in specific armed conflicts.

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Pride and Prejudice Analysis Essay Sample

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December 31, 2018

Pride and Prejudice analysis essay

Discuss the Importance of Dialogue to Character Development in the Novel Pride and Prejudice

Characters play a vital role in every literary work. They deliver exposition, contributing to the development of themes in every storyline. Normally authors opt to utilize the most engaging technique to further building the characters of their own. In the novel ‘Pride and Prejudice,’ Jane Austen has successfully made the most of her expertise in dialogue technique, developing the characters symbolizing certain qualities such as love, arrogance, proud, and intelligence.

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Definition Essay – Healthy Appetite

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December 24, 2018

definition essay sample
Appetite is an urge for eating food. Most of the time it is due to hunger. A good appetite will make you feel hungry at frequent intervals. A low appetite or lack of appetite if persists for many days leads to loss of weight and malnutrition and a disease called anemia. Maintaining a good and healthy appetite is important.

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Legal Essay Example – Constantine’s Legal Programme

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December 17, 2018


Can Constantine’s Legal Programme Shed Some Light on His Religious Convictions?

The history of ancient Christianity is divided into two periods: until legalization (when the Roman authorities pursued this religion), and after legalization (when Christianity became an ally of the Roman Empire). These periods are usually shared by the era of Constantine the Great (306-337). However, the main questions still remain open: what were the first Constantine’s steps to Christianity, and did his political programme really influence the formation of a new era? The answers to these questions are based on three main arguments, which I will try to disclose in the following paragraphs.

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MLA Essay Example on Dental Implants

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December 10, 2018

MLA essay example

Advantages and Disadvantages of Dental Implants

Dental professionals often recommend dental implants for people who have extensive tooth decay and tooth loss. One of the reasons dentists recommend dental implants over more traditional tooth replacement systems such as dentures and bridges is because of the need to retain as much bone density as possible. Maintaining bone density is especially important for persons who still have a fair number of years left to enjoy life.

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Sociology Essay on Boys and Girls

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December 6, 2018


How Do We “Become” Boys and Girls?

During childhood years, sexes, as well as gender, seems not so very noticeable among people. It only becomes evident once these short years have ended marking the start of what we call the adolescent period. Physical, emotional, social as well as intellectual differences become very pronounced at this stage of well-being.

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Essay on Jesus Christ – Who Is He?

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November 26, 2018

essay on Jesus Christ

Christ is not a name or a surname, but a translation from Hebrew into a modern Greek or Aramaic language of the Hebrew word “messiah”! Today in some Christian churches it is considered that with the coming of Jesus, that is, the establishment of the New Testament, the Old Testament was completely abolished. That is, today for a number of denominations the Old Testament scripture became more historical, sometimes even allegorical material, and not a statement of the will of God for modern people. Just note that in Orthodoxy and Catholicism there is no such dogma. Jesus Christ is a key figure for people of different religions, but what was his mission? You can find out in our essay on Jesus Christ.

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