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A Separate Peace Analysis

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August 14, 2017

In John Knowles A Separate Peace, the character Brinker Hadley begins as an avid supporter of World War II. As the story evolves, however, the reader notices his increasing disillusionment toward the idea of engaging in a fight that Brinker believes the elder generation has caused (Knowles 109.) Brinker enters the story with plans to enlist in the military once he finishes school and often is seen trying to assemble his fellow classmates to sign up as well, showing a blind devotion to the war effort (Knowles, 52). Throughout the story, Brinker Hadley is very representative of rationality.

A Separate Peace Analysis

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Sociology Essay

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June 12, 2017


What are roles of Davis, Mills and Thomas to evaluate the importance of social institutes?

What is the role of social institutions for a healthy society?  Historically, views on this question have ranged from those, such as C. Wright Mills, who have cautioned against the dangers of too much concentration of power, to others like Kingsley Davis who held the view that strong social institutions were necessary for the best and the brightest of a society to be able to contribute most effectively. Read more

«This Side of Paradise» Analysis

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June 5, 2017


Why did Fitzgerald choose This Side of Paradise for the title?
Initially the title for ‘This Side of Paradise’ was ‘The Romantic Egotist’. Fitzgerald changed it to This Side of Paradise being influenced by Rupert Brooke’s poem, Tiare Tahiti. F. Scott Fitzgerald was a contemporary of Rupert Brooke and well versed with the works of Brooke.

Brooke’s focus is on another world when he wrote Tiare Tahiti, undoubtedly the life hereafter. These lines in the poem:

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«Twelfth Night» Essay

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May 29, 2017


Where does irony occur in Twelfth Night?
Twelfth Night or What You Will is a comedy in five acts by William Shakespeare written in 1601. The plot is centered around two twins, Viola and Sebastian, separated in a shipwreck of the coast of the kingdom of Illyria. Read more

Travelling Essay: My Dream Travel

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November 21, 2016


How My Dream Travel To … Will Look Like?
Visiting places has been one of my childhood passions since my father had a transfer oriented job. I love new places, new people and the new environment. I have been to the jungles of Africa, I have seen the coasts of Germany and I have visited the land of the Emirates. However I have always found the New York City so attractive since it’s presented in hollywood movies as the place of fashion, fun and party. The report at hand is based on the theme of my dream travel to a place and I have chosen the NewYork City as my dream destination. Read more

«Sister Carrie» Summary: Nature in the Novel

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November 17, 2016


How is nature depicted in Theodore Dreiser’s novel?
Sister Carrie is a wonderful story in series which describe the American dream and this novel shows spirit of naturalism.  America has wonderful and picturesque landscapes. American cities such as New York and Chicago were symbols of possibility for a rural population of American dreamers in pursuit of happiness. Theodore Dreiser’s Sister Carry is a very deep and interesting masterpiece which concerns with American city.  The author depicted real scenes of life, especially in New York and Chicago. His main heroine, Carrie Meeber, imagined the city like a place where she could find happiness and more positive future. Theodore Dreiser described Chicago very detailed. Read more

Buddhism Essay

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November 14, 2016


Think Like Buddha: How Main Dogmas of Buddhism Can Help in Everyday Life?
Nowadays, each of us is inevitably exposed to an inconceivable amount of life-enhancing machines that strive for making our life easier. In spite of this technological era, a vast majority of us still value the role that religion plays in our everyday existence. Buddhism, as one of the most remarkable and proliferated philosophical teachings of the human history, offers everybody a chance to look at this life from a different perspective. Read more

Poetry Essay: Love Poem

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November 11, 2016


The poem “When you are old” by William Butler Yeats is a poem about human love, rejection, and bitterness.  I say human love because it is conditional and it easily flows from fiery passion to sorrowful bitterness.  In his life, Yeats was infatuated with a woman named Maud Gonne, who rejected his marriage proposal. After the painful rejection he composed this poem (“Explanation of: “When You Are Old” by William Butler Yeats,” 2000). The poem reflects his unending love for Maud.  In the second line of the poem, “And nodding by the fire, take down this book,” “this book” symbolizes the book in which this poem was published (“Explanation of: “When You Are Old” by William Butler Yeats,” 2000).  As Yeats composed this poem, he imagined in his mind’s eye that when Maud is old and gray, she will read this poem and regret that she lost the man who truly loved her for her “Pilgrim soul.” Read more

Biographical Essay: Otto von Bismarck

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November 7, 2016


Why is Otto von Bismarck not idolized as a national hero?

There is no doubt that the person of Otto von Bismarck occupies one of the central places in the history of the German state. This legendary man became the first Chancellor of Germany, who, eventually, managed to unite Germany in a single unitary state. In fact, only half a century ago, Germany was a conglomerate of German-speaking mini-states. Nevertheless, despite the prominent role of the “Iron Chancellor”, in the formation of the German state as such, in general, Otto von Bismarck is not idolized as a national hero. Read more

Sociology Research Paper Example: Cultural Shocks of Arabs

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March 31, 2016

Name the most notable cultural shock that Arabs may face when coming to westerm countries.


Moving to a new country is difficult. There are new sights, new sounds, and more often than not, a new language to master. Immigrants who find themselves moving to countries that are dramatically different from their home countries may experience culture shock, a sense of disorientation that results from trying to adapt to a whole new way of life. Arabs who move to Western countries are particularly prone to culture shock, as they face challenges with the food and formalities of their new homes. Read more