The Lady With the Dog Essay on Anna and Gurov

the Lady With the Dog essay

Are Anna and Gurov likable characters? Does the answer to this question change as the story The Lady With The Dog progresses?

In the beginning, the main character of the story Dmitry Gurov appears to be narrow-minded person who has lost interest in life and did not respect people around him, including his wife. People are nothing more than entertainment for him, but when he meets Anna, he starts to see things differently. Living a long life full of lies, hypocrisy, and egoism, Gurov finally finds someone who makes his heart beat faster. At the end of the story, we see a man who is capable of loving, sacrificing and believing.

When we see Anna for the first time she is the one who is attractive to us. She seems to be well-mannered, tidy, charming, calm… But while reading the story, we notice that Anna is deeply unhappy with her life and a most lonely person. Her husband forgets about her, and there is nothing she can do about it.

Anna feels bored, broken and forgotten and her life doesn’t make any sense for her. Dmitry Gurov is like a ray of sun for the woman, she enjoys walking and talking to him but feels ashamed to be cheating on her husband. , and at the end of the story, she is still lost (“The Lady with the Dog Thesis”).

While the story processing we see that Gurov is the only one who changes things fundamentally as well as his attitude to the world. And Anna, in fact, changes nothing; she just tries to find some strength to fight the obstacles. So we can say that Dmitry Gurov becomes more likable character and Anna Sergeevna remains just a weak woman. In addition, as it can be seen, the novel has no end, and it has it’s logic because neither of the characters are brave enough to give their lives meaning and face some challenges for their own happiness.

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