Dissertation Sample on Psychology


Amphetamine Use is Related to an Increase in Depression & Anxiety in School-aged Children


Amphetamines are stimulants that reduce fatigue, and give the body a feeling of vigor within a short time. Medics discourage the use of amphetamines owing to the high addiction level. The dosage for adults is different from the dosage in children owing to the different capabilities of the body to sustain the tablets, crystals, or powder. People can smoke, sniff, or ingest amphetamines because of the packaging of the stimulants (Poirier, Micallef & Blin 2004). Amphetamine particles have many effects on people who use the substances and the reaction is almost double in school-aged children from childhood to teenage years, children face depression and anxiety, which amphetamines augment and pose risk in futuristic years. (more…)

Dissertation Chapter Sample on Tropical Cyclones

Seasonal Prediction of Tropical Cyclones in Australia Region Using Regression

1. Literature Review

1.1 Tropical Cyclone

A tropical cyclone as globally defined is a fast-spinning storm system characterize by a center that has low pressure, powerful winds, as well as a spiral placement of thunderstorms that lead to torrential rainfall. A typical cyclone forms over a water body that is large, for example, seas and oceans-and these large water bodies are relatively warm. These cyclones are known to source their energy from the water that evaporates on the surface of the ocean.

This is the water that evaporates condenses and forms clouds and rain. The energy that they source from the evaporation of water differs depending on the geographical location. For example, the mid-latitude cyclonic storms source its energy from the contrasts in horizontal temperature and examples of these mid-latitude cyclonic storms are nor’easters, as well as European windstorms. (more…)

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