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Medical Research Proposal Sample


Title of project: Medical Research Proposal

Analysis of profit, supply chain, risks, legal and other problems relating to business prospects


There has been continuous economic, legal, political and risk challenges that mar most developmental agendas world over, particularly in less developed economies. Rural areas and urban alike face unnamed challenges of health concerns and therefore require high sensitization as far as medical requirements and standards are concerned. This is why, an initiative to have in place a pharmaceutical plant is particularly of great importance. (more…)

Research Proposal Sample: Carbon Trading


Is Carbon Trading better than Carbon Taxes?

Proposed Research Topic: The research will answer the question of whether carbon trading is better than carbon taxes.

Theoretical framework

I will be guided by social economic theory. Social economic theories do not embark on individuals but deals with the entire economy or institutions within it or groups. Such theories do not view the economy as a separate subject from the society (Aldred et al., 2011). They instead view economic processes as social processes embedded in the society. Rather than developing an economic theory from assumptions about what persons do, social theory deals with societal aspects – like its structuring into social classes or groups – as a starting point. Social theories show how social structure and individual behavior interact (Wagner, 2012). An aspect of social theories’ engagement in economics has been the interest to understand institutions together with their implications for economic behavior. People in societies can suffer from high level of health and social problems. (more…)

Sample Research Proposal: Fingerprint Payment Technology


There has been a slow paced adoption of the biometrics across the world today. This has been as a result of various factors among them being the poor and inefficiency of the biometrics that were first used. Another point is the vendors who have often expressed moods that are over confident regarding the capabilities of the biometrics and more to this is the increasing concerns on the level and extent of security of the people especially given the fact that these biometrics data are stored by the government or companies’ data bases and the ultimate lack of care or interest in the business world and institutions to embrace this technology. Despite this fact, there is a growing traction for the use of biometrics especially in the accessing of control. Through the use of biometrics in access controls of corporate, various employees are now able to securely access buildings and other facilities by the use of their biometric data. Consumers and employees are even able to securely access their mobile phones, laptops and PCs by the use of biometric data which is unique to them only. The biometric application has gained a lot of popularity, with its application being utilized through the use of electronic passports and fingerprint payment. Globally, there are approximately over one hundred countries that are using the biometric applications. (more…)

Research Proposal Sample: Early Detection of Breast Cancer

Background and significance


a. New process: Use of Complementary/Alternative Medicine

Women with breast cancer can make use of Complementary/ Alternative Medicine (CAM) in treating this disease. In the United States of America and numerous other parts of the globe, CAM has become a major treatment of breast cancer. Many patients are spending a lot of money in applying this method as a way of treating this chronic disease. In this proposal, I am suggesting alternative medicine as a way of treating breast cancer. There is increased use of CAM because many patients are finding it effective. They do not have risks, and the cost is relatively low. CAM is medical intervention that includes a number of treatment methods like chiropractic, acupuncture, and massage therapy. Even though, this method is widely used in United States, there are concerns that his method is suppressing the use of conventional medicine. The clients of CAM may be tempted to use herbs, supplements, and non-conventional that can lead to a number of side effects. (more…)

Ancient DNA and Biomolecular Archaeology Sample


This research proposal seeks to explain how ancient DNA and bio-molecular archaeology can be used to explain how humans lived in the past and the activities they engaged in. Bio-molecular archaeology concerns studying ancient human DNA collected from sources, such as fossilized teeth and bones and human and plant remains. The proposal uses information gathered from literature review of scholar sources to outline some of the examples in which scientists have used bio-molecular archeology and ancient DNA to investigate the human past. (more…)

High School Research Proposal Sample


Organic foods refer to those foods that are produced by the use of organic methods of farming. Organic farming is agriculture where crop rotation is emphasized with the use of green manure, compost manure and non chemical pest control. From an expert view, organic foods are foods that are planted and grown in an environment devoid of synthetic supplement like the manufactured fertilizers, pesticides and other modern inputs. They are also those foods that are not processed through irradiation, chemical food additives or any form of industrial solvents. Organic foods are also known to take longer to mature due to the natural nature of the growth process. (more…)

Research Proposal Sample: Animal Rights and Multiculturalism


Multiculturalism advocates for the mutual respect and tolerance for different cultures within a system. These divergent cultures either co-exist by learning and regarding each other’s uniqueness or they exist by themselves. While rights to humans are subjective, the same cannot be applied to animals. Animal rights: the notion that all nonhuman animals should be protected from suffering. It implies that animals are entitled to the same interests as human beings. The moral issue is that ethical considerations are important in protecting animal rights. Irresponsible handling of animals is unethical because they lack the capability of giving informed consent. This paper will analyse the implications of the detached type of multiculturalism and its relation to animal rights. This will be accomplished through understanding the theoretical approaches to multiculturalism and the relationship between these theories and animal rights. (more…)

Grantsmanship Proposal Sample

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“Substance abuse is a common phenomenon among adolescents and young adults within the society. This has contributed to the increase in number of incidences of school dropout cases among the adolescent group within society. 

This has prompted rapid implementation of measures to curb the effects of drug abuse and accessibility to drugs for this group of individuals. In this proposal, an outline of projects that require to be implemented in order to facilitate the reduction of drug related problems within the societyis presented.


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