Essay About Depression

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September 27, 2016

essay about depression

Is borderline depression worse than clinical depression?
Any illness is suffering the whole body – its physical and mental health. Read more

Artificial Intelligence Essay

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September 25, 2016

Artificial Intelligence Essay

What does the future of artificial intelligence entail?

“The development of full artificial intelligence could spell the end of the human race.” (Stephen Hawking, 2014) Concerned quotes like this or images from the “Terminator” come to mind when most people think about the future of artificial intelligence. But instead of bringing humanity to extinction, AI will make life easier and benefit us. Read more

Art Essay on Patronage System

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September 21, 2016

Art Essay

How did the art patronage system work during the Renaissance?

This essay will provide a short overview of the relationship between artists and patrons during the Renaissance, with particular focus on Florence in Italy. I will argue that the work of many artists of the period developed according to the tastes and priorities of their patrons and so the system of patronage was central to the evolution of European fine arts both inside and outside of the Roman Catholic Church. Read more

Example of 5-Paragraph Essay: National Identity

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September 19, 2016


Where Do I Come From: Your Personal Thoughts on National Identity

Where do I come from? That is a question to which I have been aching to know the answer. Physically, I am from Macedonia. However, I am not sure where I am from mentally. Read more

Five-Paragraph Essay: Weight Loss Myths

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September 15, 2016


What are the most common weigh loss myths?

The problem of weight loss – is very relevant and bothering a lot of people. For many, this issue forms a stable stereotypes about the problem of overweight and methods for its solution. Unfortunately, myth about losing weight is not just interfere to lose weight, and often it is forcing you to go on the wrong path, which leads you to weight gain. Let’s look at some most common myths about losing weight. Read more

«Life of Pi» Analysis

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September 12, 2016


What does the island symbolize in the book The Life of Pi? 

As we look back at the history of our civilization, people’s lives used to be given much more spiritual meaning. Its main purpose was to provide higher values in various moments and events of our journey. We can provide a statement, that religion is the tool that supports our spirit. Religion fills our lives with faith in morality, honesty and spirituality. Yann Martel’s novel “Life of Pi” is an allegory which proves that “a story with God is the better story” (ABCNews, 2012). By the end of the book, the reader learns about the true counterparts of the shipwrecked crew. Yet still, the book has a lot of unrevealed secrets. One of them is a carnivorous island which produced gastric juices by night and devoured its inhabitants. Read more

Short Essay Examples: Essay on the Crisis of 2008

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September 9, 2016


What are the real reasons that no Wall Street executives have been prosecuted for fraud as a result of the 2008 financial crisis?

The financial crisis of 2008 was a severe blow to the banking system of the developed world. Even though in the aftermath of the crash, primary reasons and culprits were identified, the senior executives of the Wall Street – the main offenders – went unpunished, causing a lot of criticism of the Department of Justice. The question is, whether there are any objective factors that explain the impunity of the major players in the corporate world. Read more

US Healthcare System Overview

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September 5, 2016


What makes the US healthcare system so expensive?

Over the past decade healthcare costs have more than tripled in the United States. Deductibles have gone from three hundred dollars in 2006 to over one thousand dollars today before insurance even takes effect (Levey, 2015). The source of the price increase has been brought about by many factors. From deteriorating health of employees, minimal wage increases, and compensation to supplement uninsured individuals, American citizens are forced to pay more out of pocket costs for healthcare than ever before. Read more

Psychology Papers: the Rorschach Test

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August 31, 2016


How is it The Rorschach Test administered and evaluated?

The Rorschach Test which also known as Rorschach inkblot, was created in 1921 by Swiss Freudian psychiatrist and psychoanalyst Hermann Rorschach. This Test is used for the studying of the psyche and its disorders. In this test, the subject has to give his explanation of every inkblot which he has been shown, and the result is built on the ground of what he has seen. Read more

One-page Essay: Middle East

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August 26, 2016


Is the Middle East ‘doomed’ to political instability?

It is undoubted that at present, the whole Middle East is under threat. Its volatility has been increased with the emergence of new extremist group ISIS after the Al-Qaeda lost its powerful leader Osama bin Laden and even with the death of dictator Saddam Hussein and Libya’s Muamar Gaddafi. Even with the removal of so-called threats to achieving peace in the Middle East, the region remains a bastion of political instability. However, to say that the region is doomed to political instability is overreaching. The region’s problems are human-made and can thus be solved. Read more