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A Separate Peace Analysis

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August 14, 2017

In John Knowles A Separate Peace, the character Brinker Hadley begins as an avid supporter of World War II. As the story evolves, however, the reader notices his increasing disillusionment toward the idea of engaging in a fight that Brinker believes the elder generation has caused (Knowles 109.) Brinker enters the story with plans to enlist in the military once he finishes school and often is seen trying to assemble his fellow classmates to sign up as well, showing a blind devotion to the war effort (Knowles, 52). Throughout the story, Brinker Hadley is very representative of rationality.

A Separate Peace Analysis

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Essay About Programming

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July 31, 2017


Why Is Linux Better Than Windows For Programmers?
Linux is the kernel of an operating system which was developed by Linus Torvalds. So when we mean to compare Linux with Windows, what we are really comparing is a usable and complete Linux-based operating system (often called as a ‘distribution’) and the Windows series of usable and complete operating systems licensed by Microsoft. The latter’s kernel is not separately available for public use. Consequently, both operating systems differ in the capabilities that they offer to programmers. Read more

Essay About Gangs

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July 24, 2017


Are yakuza still powerful today in Japan?
Yakuza, sometimes referred to as gokudo, is a term referring to members of an organized multinational crime syndicate in Japan. In simple terms, the yakuza can be thought of as a Japanese mafia who is involved in a multiplicity of organized crimes such as blackmail, drug trafficking, extortion, gambling, loan sharking, etc. Yakuza members play a major role in daily Japanese business operations in large cities such as bars, restaurants, taxi services, factories, and the media. They are notorious for their to strict codes of conduct and multifaceted hierarchical structure. Sources indicate that the yakuza operate internationally and currently wield upwards of 80,000 members (Higgins 12). While the number of members and associates has steadily declined since its peak in the early 1960’s, about 184,000 members (Encyclopedia Britannica), the influence of yakuza is undoubtedly still profound in Japan. Read more

International Relations Essay

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July 17, 2017


Why don’t Japan, China and South Korea have good relationships with each other?
Tension in the East: a Brief History of Chinese, Japanese and Korean Conflicts

Relationships between China, Japan and South Korea have always been difficult. Throughout history, there have been countless incidents which prevented the three neighboring countries from getting along. Recently, attempts have been made to mend their differences, but they still have a long way to go and it is doubtful whether they ever will be really on friendly terms. Read more

Essay About Capitalism

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July 10, 2017


Why has capitalism failed to eradicate poverty?

The beauty of capitalism is the idea that to get wealthy, one must enrich or contribute to the society. However, world still fights against poverty and fails to avoid this term in numerous reports. World bank defines poverty as living on less than US $3.10 a day, and extreme poverty as less than US $ 1.90 per day (“PSP: Taking on inequality” 23). So, why the capitalistic approach which was meant to eliminate poverty has failed? There is a meager likelihood of eradicated poverty for any economic system. Society can prevent nations from hunger thanks to capitalism but there is a never-ending loop that expels the myth of eliminated poverty in the world. Read more

Essay About Weight Loss

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July 3, 2017


What Is The Best Psychological Way To Lose Weight?

Have you thought about your attitude to food? Perhaps, long-established habits prevent you from losing weight? Try to answer the following questions:

  • Do you consider it necessary to eat everything that is put on a plate?
  • Do you eat a lot, when you have a bad mood?
  • Do you agree to fill your plate again, even if you feel satiety?
  • Do you eat while reading or watching TV? Read more

Essay About Shopping

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June 26, 2017


What is the psychological or evolutionary reason behind the tendency of women to love shopping?

A fashionably dressed woman walking down the street laden with branded shopping bags, a group of teenage girl friends chatting away in fitting rooms while trying on clothes, husbands impatiently waiting for their wives outside department stores – all of which are common societal scenarios that contribute to the idea that women love shopping.  Read more

Visual Arts Essay

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June 19, 2017


It happen us to often face arts’ creations anywhere, and maybe without having an intention or without having though about, and even if there is no particular intention of the creators to impose certain impressions, they may simply stimulate your thinking about what they represent, symbolize and what is the importance of understanding them.

For many people, art is described within domain frames of aesthetic senses, while many others are ensued with strangeness feeling and oddity and impossibility to embrace it, or to create a logical connection with it. (Kosovo’s Gallery of Arts, 2010) Some people may find it unacceptable to relate with the purpose of such creation, which may result from their inadequate capability to comprehend and inability to accept visual phenomenon, while the others who are perspicacious and have a sophisticated nature of thoughts, are more perceptive toward the visual world. (Kosovo’s Gallery of Arts, 2010) Within visual domain, the senses are always dependent on phenomenon of perception. Thus some people may face just a piece of work of art, and they may sense the feeling of beauty even though the rest of the art work may remain unknown to them. (Kosovo’s Gallery of Arts, 2010) Read more

Sociology Essay

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June 12, 2017


What are roles of Davis, Mills and Thomas to evaluate the importance of social institutes?

What is the role of social institutions for a healthy society?  Historically, views on this question have ranged from those, such as C. Wright Mills, who have cautioned against the dangers of too much concentration of power, to others like Kingsley Davis who held the view that strong social institutions were necessary for the best and the brightest of a society to be able to contribute most effectively. Read more

«This Side of Paradise» Analysis

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June 5, 2017


Why did Fitzgerald choose This Side of Paradise for the title?
Initially the title for ‘This Side of Paradise’ was ‘The Romantic Egotist’. Fitzgerald changed it to This Side of Paradise being influenced by Rupert Brooke’s poem, Tiare Tahiti. F. Scott Fitzgerald was a contemporary of Rupert Brooke and well versed with the works of Brooke.

Brooke’s focus is on another world when he wrote Tiare Tahiti, undoubtedly the life hereafter. These lines in the poem:

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