Unemployment Essay


Classical view recognizes unemployment where unemployment is caused by excess supply triggered by high price level of labor. Classical economist believed that full employment can be achieved if forces of demand and supply were left to adjust on their own in order to reach an equilibrium wage.

Classical Economists and the Keynesian Economists. Classical economists postulates that the market, on its own, will be able to adjust while Keynesian economists believe that the government must step in to solve problems. The two camps have differing ideas on the causes and solutions of unemployment. The Classical economists believe that unemployment is caused by excess supply, which is caused by the high price level of labor. (more…)

Finance Paper: Designing Financial Applications


Discounting and sensitivity analysis

There are numerous methods used to assess the suitability and feasibility when launching some products in the market. This is mostly done through analysis of the cash flow, in this paper, will look at the methods that takes into consideration the time value of money while still considering other aspects and uncertainty affecting the launch (Bell, 1990).

Discounting method

Discounting methodology is a procedural process dealing with an investment or project analysis of cash flow. (more…)

Economics Coursework Sample

1. Also referred as the invisible hand theorem, it holds that any competitive equilibrium results to a Pareto efficiency in resource allocation. Pareto efficiency is achieved when there is no further room for improvement, meaning that it is at optimum efficiency level. The central idea in the First Fundamental Theorem is that markets can create a situation of social optimum in which no government intervention is required. Under such circumstances, the government should implement leissez faire policies. However, proponents of government regulations hold that the assumptions required to achieve this theorem are not achievable in real life situations. Notably, a situation where a single economic player holds all the goods at the expense of the rest exemplifies Pareto efficiency but is not a perfect situation under welfare economics. (more…)

Analysis Paper on Political Science

Analysis Paper on Political Science

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Introduction is the official website for the Democratic Party. It serves as a mean of educating and informing the public on various issues happening within the political scene and the perspective of the Democratic Party regarding the issues. The logging into the Democratic Party website is an easy exercise. The user inputs their email address and password and on authentication, the user access the website. Alternatively, the user can log in with their Facebook account. If a user lacks an account with the website, they can easily sign-up by inputting some of their credentials. The website has the donate feature. However, the feature does not interfere with a user trying to use the website in any way. The donate feature is located on the homepage and unlike other websites; it does not attract the user too much towards it. (more…)

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