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Outline for Writing an Autobiography: What You Should Add

How to Write an Autobiographical Essay

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An autobiography is the life account of a person written by themselves. Some autobiographies are literary and journalistic works. Often, we are faced with the need to write an autobiography as a business document intended for administrative agencies. In these kinds of autobiographies, epithets, metaphors, and other colloquial forms of writing are inappropriate. To facilitate the writing of this text for you, below we will provide an outline for writing an autobiography.


How to Proofread a Paper: Your Best Guide

How to Proofread a Paper

Writing a compelling research paper takes a lot of effort. And making it spotless in terms of grammar and punctuation may take even more. You can’t reach total perfection in your academic paper writing, especially if you’re a non-native speaker, even one with very good English proficiency. There will always be some typos, errors, and “false friends of the translator” – possible grammar and stylistic mistakes in your writing. And, this is what leads you to think about how to proofread a paper.


How to Do a Close Reading: Analysis, Technique, and Essay Writing

how to write a close reading essay

If you’ve ever attended English or literature classes, you know how important the analysis of a text can be. It can serve two purposes. The first is to analyze the information in the article and evaluate its validity and usefulness for studying. The second type of analysis, also known as literary criticism, is aimed at a deeper understanding of a writer’s style, ideas, and symbolism.


How to Prepare for a College Assessment Test Easily

Is your college assessment test near at hand? Bet you are feeling nervous. However, we should tell you that it’s not as scary as it seems now. After passing it you’ll understand that it wasn’t so difficult. Many students realize that after the test, but only some of them know why they didn’t find the test difficult. Read the next section to find out!

Assessment Test for College: Why It Is Not Difficult

The trick is that you passed this test via a special program that adjusts to your level. It suggests you answer the next questions according to answers for the previous ones. The aim of this test is to define which courses will suit you best. No one wants you to fail. Actually, it is impossible. If you have a low level of knowledge you will be in the group with students with the same level of knowledge. (more…)

Tips for College Students That No One Will Tell You

As a college student, you will find that the college or university environment differs significantly from what you’ve experienced in high school. With that in mind, we have collected the most important tips for college students to help you successfully manage your academic life at college or the university.

  1. Reuse Your Research

It is considered plagiarism to recycle your old research papers. However, you can always reuse your research materials collected two semesters ago for a similar course. When you find it difficult to write your term paper, review the work that you previously completed in similar classes and rethink how that might help you now. If you develop papers each semester based on the research that you conducted previously, you will become knowledgeable on that topic and you make your research more significant as a result. (more…)

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