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Academic Paper Sample: Nobel Prize Decisions

Nobel Prize Decisions Essay

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Do you agree that some of the Nobel Prize decisions are controversial? Which ones of them make you doubt the most?

The Nobel Peace Prize is the most controversial prize on earth (Susannah Locke, 2015). The most recent and likely the most controversial Nobel Peace Prize was given to President Barack Obama in 2009. This was in the first term of his presidency, so there were many people who disagreed on its validity, as well as the timing, because of his involvement in bombing activities parallel to the campaigns for the creation of drones since his acceptance of this prestigious award.

History Research Paper Sample



Unlike most other traditional societies, the Powhatan community was eccentric given that it was matrilineal in nature. In other words, women of Powhatan had more significant roles than men contrary to what was happening in other communities. In this sense, this essay examines Powhatan women and what their life was like during the colonial period.

Powhatan Women During the Colonial Period

During the colonial period, the Powhatan women also played vital roles in shaping the history of Jamestown. While the male members of the Powhatan community invariably showed hostility towards the settlers, the Powhatan women attempted to extend a helping hand to the intruders 1. (more…)

ADHD Research Paper: How Nutritional Diet Affects ADHD


I. Introduction

A. Research Problem  

Despite Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) being identified as a complex, multidimensional condition requiring multiple treatment approaches, nutritional management is one approach that has been largely ignored.  Multiple researches recognize that foods such as refined sugars, food additives, and fatty acids can be directly linked to ADHD. Additional evidence indicates that, individuals with ADHD tend to be exhibit more problems when put on certain diets. This can be construed to imply that, foods rich in selected nutritional components negatively affect the behavior patterns of individuals with ADHD. The research offers an in-depth analysis of the importance of nutritional adjustments and diet modifications in managing ADHD. (more…)

Art History Paper

Is photography a reflection of reality or an escape from it?



This is a proposal of research seeking to look at the specific art of photographic evidence with consideration to its remarkable, intellectual, and societal origins and the interrelations. The issue here is how images in various circumstances express particular aspiration and representational aims, not just in terms of their substance and iconography but also by means of the official and visual production of evidence. This is where our study concern commences: the aim is carry out case studies to offer new, theoretically and practically safe establishments for the broader consideration and scrutiny of pictographic evidence left by past records, humanity, and political principles (Miles, 2005). The academic study of visual imagery and culture is greatly influenced by a scarcely reconcilable resistance. While, on one side of the split, the arty evidence of the picture is unnoticed, in effect denying the reflection of its actual meaning and visual traits, on the other side it is considered to be complete, and as a result separated from its diverse chronological, societal, and intellectual orientations to extra-pictorial facts. (more…)

High School Research Paper Example

Public School Education Decline in America


The reasons of the public education school decline in America are linked with the very nature of the neoliberalism in the United States. State supports competition, i.e. private schools are hugely motivated to invent superior academic programs in comparison to public schools. Owner of a private school competes a public one, so he or she aims at enticing the best students from wealth families, rather than from, not rich ones. It is quite clear that private school can easily have better funding than the public one. Private school often has a religious affiliation. Students are additionally motivated by a specific religion. Motivation is very essential for the young people. If they are deprived of that, there is a huge problem. On one hand, students study academic program, which contains a set of educational disciplines, which are required for educational standard. On the other hand, they are guided by a particular philosophy and ideology. (more…)

Financial Papers: Relation Between Leverage and Insiders


Introduction and Background

Financial management has a lot to do with decision-making. Several decisions have to be made in different levels and phases of investment, corporate financing, asset management, and apportionment of dividends. Investment decisions are mainly centered on three areas namely opening of new ventures, expansion of existing business ventures, and replacement of existing machinery or introduction of new technology. Investment decisions are succeeded by financing decisions. The underlying question that this paper seeks to answer is whether there is a link between the profitability and the leverage of firms, in particular investigating the extent to which leverage affects the performance of the firm. It has been established that the separation between firm ownership, control of the firm, and the ensuing agency costs has lately become a thorny issue in corporate governance. (more…)

Climate Change Research Paper

Describe the Latest Climate Change in the Pacific Ocean Within the Last Five Years


The developments in the pacific illustrate a significant shift in the climatic developments. The pacific region consists of over 2000 islands consisting of over 1.9 million people. The region consists of various marine ecosystems that range from mountain structures to marine life in the deep water. Each region in the pacific highlights the aspect of climatic conditions; however, the similarity is that each region is affected by the changes in climate conditions. Based on the information provided by the Pacific Island Regional Climate Assessment (PIRCA), there are several changes in climate conditions, which highlight the effect of global warming. (more…)

Research Sample Paper: Rwandan Genocide


Role and Actions of the International Community During Genocide in Rwanda


Genocide is the unlawful act of destruction wholly or part of a certain religion, nation, or an ethnic group in a much deliberate or intended manner. The ultimate goal is to finish the members of the target religion, nation, or ethnic group by way of mass killing and other forms of property mass destruction (Chalk & Kurt, 1990, p87).

The Rwandan Genocide broke up from the two major ethnic groups in the country in April 1994, after several years of continued conflict between the two groups. The Hutus and the Tutsi developed different economic, political, and social perspectives in 1992, following a division spearheaded by then president, Habyarimana who was a Hutu. After a constant period of conflict, the Tutsi shot down president Habyarimana while he was travelling in his plane 1994. The two groups spontaneously lost the sense of humanity and decided to start the war. (more…)

Sample of Research Paper on Political Science


The United States Intelligence System: Cuban Missile Crisis Aand Pearl Harbor

During the Middle Ages of the Cold War, the United States of America and the Soviet Union had a lot of tensions between each other. Сuba is perfectly situated country near the USA, and the Soviets decided to use it in their needs, more specifically, to make any kind of threats against the United States. What are the relations between the United States and Soviet Union? Was Cuba a second role player? Also, the more specific points about the history of the Cuban missile crisis can widely open our eyes on the situations, which have taken place in the 1962. Also, the actions of intelligence in Pearl Harbor were very important in case of estimating of intelligence systems and agencies. (more…)

MLA Style Research Paper Sample


In the article Hearsay: the road to reform (Murphy), the author P. Murphy outlines the development of the hearsay rule and challenges the proposed reforms.

The non-conservative nature of this article is overwhelming. The author does not oppose new reforms to the general rule against hearsay, but rather the arm of government which should be mandated with the making of such reforms and the caution to be exercised when coming up with such reforms. He reviews the history of the hearsay rule and assesses arguments for reform.

The article suggests that the hearsay rule has not always been static. It has changed over time. It is a common law rule; it was developed by the judges in the English courts. (more…)

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