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Behavioral Effects of Entertainment Devices to the American Society


Technological expansion has changed the entertainment industry for the better. A lot of improvements have been achieved and the devices used in entertainment have become sophisticated, simpler and more friendly. Past data reveal the complexity of the devices used in the entertainment industry. The contemporary society has inexpensive ways of achieving their goals in the entertainment industry since the available devices simplifies the way entertainment is executed. With technology, the entertainment industry is drastically changing, implying that the transition from analogue to digital transmission of data has made things simpler and convenient (Cheok, 2010 p. 20-24). Both positive and negative effects though, have surrounded the music and the entertainment industry. In the past the cost of CDs and DVDs accounted for millions of dollars in revenues but in the contemporary society where piracy and other file sharing methods being discovered, many artist’s loss a lot of money from those who share files, music and other copyright materials. (more…)

Tour Guide Speech Sample


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