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IT Sample Case Study: The Ideal HPC Programming Language


Eugene Loh, in his article, “The ideal HPC programming language,” explores the fundamental features of a programming language that make it ideal for high productivity computing (HPC) programming and concludes that FORTRAN is satisfactorily adequate for HPC programming. Loh (2010) has noted that some programming challenges arise, not due to the shortcomings of a programming language, but rather due to other factors such as inadequacy of the programmer and limitations of the hardware and compiler. Nonetheless, Loh (2010) contends that some of the challenges are posed by weaknesses in a programming language, and as such, new programming for HPC is necessary. (more…)

Example of Case Study: Theory of Constraints


TOC or Theory of Constraints is a technique that business strategists use to identify the key limiting element (constraint) that affects the operation of their businesses, and then systematically improve the constraint to the extent that its harmfulness stops affecting the business. In a manufacturing firm, the limiting factor is also known as bottleneck. This essay will highlight a process that identifies and improves a constraint to make it harmless to business operation.

Application of the principles of the theory of constraints can improve internal business operations leading to reduced inventory and lead times, improvement of capacity, and profit growth. The theory of constraints offers a method that identifies and implements constraints. This method is called the Five Focusing Steps, and diagram below explains this cyclical process. (more…)

Law of Tort Case Analysis Example


Can the tort of negligence be built on shaky foundations?


Identifying the appropriate test for finding a duty of care in novel situations is a matter which has exercised the minds of the judiciary across many jurisdictions since Lord Atkin’s famous formulation of the ‘neighbour’ principle in Donoghue v Stevenson. Almost 40 years after Donoghue the English Court of Appeal, in Dutton v Bognor Regis Urban District Council, applied the ‘neighbour’ test and held that a local council could be liable to both the original and subsequent owners of a house where damage was suffered as a result of the council’s surveyor having negligently approved the foundations during the construction of the property. Prior to that decision it had not been considered that a territorial authority would owe such a duty of care to original owners and subsequent purchasers of a property. (more…)

Example of a Case Study: SWOT Analysis for Andara Bank


Indonesia’s microfinance industry is one of the biggest in the world with approximately 50,000 microfinance organizations serving a potential customer base of more than 40 million potential clients. However, approximately 52% of the clients are yet to access any banking services and almost half the people survive on less than US $2 per day.

One of the fundamental characteristics of Indonesia’s economy is self-employment. With more than 40 million individuals are self-employed in micro businesses but over 50% of them have no access to proper financial services. One of the major ways of alleviating poverty in such economic is through the utilization of microfinance systems, however it has not attained maximum capacity in Indonesia. (more…)

Case Study Sample on Psychology

Case Study Sample on Psychology




This paper explores a psychological case study on the character of Alli Morgan who is aged 49 years. It is asserted that Morgan Alli has feelings of getting lost having no direction in life, worries too much about his finances and lacks the energy to do his daily activities. On the other hand, the paper examines the causes of Morgan’s lack of sleep and through use of various sources, the paper examines common diagnoses and subsequent treatment options available. It will discuss making a diagnosis based on the DSM-IV TR criteria, as well as the importance of interviewing family members on issues about psychological disorders. It also discusses the various reasons for prescribing medication and the long-term effects of these prescriptions. (more…)

Medical Case Study Example

Medical case studies are generally considered some of the most challenging types of academic writing assignments for several reasons: they require deep knowledge of various practices, theories and approaches; they are extremely time-consuming, since they require examining, studying and researching many materials; and they require use of specific medical terms, models, concepts and lexis.


Writing a medical case study is a serious task for any student. Therefore, when assigned to write a medical case study, a thorough preparation is in order, which includes getting thoroughly acquainted with basic standards, rules and recommendations for writing a good case study on a medical subject. Another good tip, for those struggling with their medical case study, is to review some medical case study examples written by professional writers, skilled and experienced in writing such papers.

In this post, you have an opportunity to review an extract from a good medical case study example, written by one of our professional writers. This extract is taken from a full-scale case study. If you like the way it is written and would like to have a unique medical case study completed for you, in accordance with your specific instructions, feel free to place an order on at any time. This case study sample will be your useful guide in completing a brilliant paper yourself, as well as inspire you with ideas.

The following extract has been taken from a medical case study example on Communication Disorder. The main purpose of this medical case study example is to show the problem of learning disability and language delay in children. Moreover, this medical case study example highlights various therapy goals most commonly described by professionals working with children with learning disabilities.

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