Read Our ‘Othello’ Essay and Improve Your Knowledge of Literature

The eponymous hero of Shakespeare’s play “Othello” is a character who reflects innocence and fury himself. He shows himself as too trusting to the people who turned out to be his enemies. Meanwhile, Othello chose to kill the only person who truly loved him.

Othello sample essay

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An Article Review Example That Will Help You

An article review is a brief but comprehensive presentation of the main ideas of the article. The main purpose is to create a complete picture of the work from various perspectives. However, this is not just a retelling. First of all, the emphasis is on the main thoughts and content. We are here to present a journal review example that can help with your writing.

An Article Review Example

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Students Will Love This Story of an Hour Literary Analysis Essay Sample

What is interesting about “The Story of an Hour” by Kate Chopin is finding whether Louise was happy about her husband’s death or not. What kind of freedom was she dreaming about in this short story? These and many other questions are answered in many scholarly types of research.

Story of an Hour Literary Analysis Essay Sample

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Dracula Literary Analysis Essay

It is common knowledge that members of society have always been curious regarding unexplained mysteries, such as mermaids, UFOs, sea monsters, or fairies. Whereas some people claim these creatures are part of the folk tradition a certain country has and there is hardly any evidence of their existence, some others hold on to the idea that such unknown mysteries are real and that they walk among us unseen. Whether society believes in their existence or not, the undeniable truth is that many people fear these mysterious creatures.

Dracula Literary Analysis Essay

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How to Write a Literature Review for Psychology Professionally


A psychology literature review is the study of works published by other authors on one of the topics in psychology. The literature review is conducted with the aim of designating a narrow question for the psychology study. Let’s find out how to write a literature review in psychology.


The Shining Movie Review on Imagery

The Shining movie review

Summarize How Stephen King Uses Local Color and Imagery to Describe the Overlook Hotel

The Shining is a novel written by the world-renowned writer Stephen King. It is a psychological horror novel filled with suspense and uncanny emotions. It is a story about a father who took up a job as a caretaker of a Hotel for its winter break. He took his family along to settle there for five months with the intention of finding peace, solitude, and scenery to inspire him to write plays. The hotel named Overlooked hotel has a history of deaths of its guests and a caretaker who surrendered to cabin fever and later on killed his family.


V for Vendetta Review Essay Sample

movie review essay example

V for Vendetta: A Political Philosophy Issue

V for Vendetta is a political thriller movie directed by James McTeigue, written by the Wachowski Brothers. It is based on the 1988 DC/Vertigo Comics written by Alan Moore and David Lloyd. The story represents a near-future alternative history of Britain in the late 90s. This paper aims to address the political philosophy issues as seen in the movie.


The Cherry Orchard Essay on Yephikodov’s Role

The Cherry Orchard essay

Yephikodov`s Role in “The Cherry Orchard”

“The Cherry Orchard” – is one of the most famous plays created by a Russian playwright and short story writer Anton Pavlovich Chekhov (Hingley). This comedy comprises a great number of true-to-life characters, and almost each of them serves as the bearer of the author`s thoughts. But Yephikodov, is his image also a representation of relevant information or he just serves as comic relief?


The Age Of Innocence Review Sample

The Age Of Innocence review

One of the major conflicts of the novel is stability versus change. Where does Wharton use that?

The Age of Innocence, a novel written by Edith Wharton is characterized by devotion and deception during the Golden Age of New York. According to the story, Newland Archer is equipped to marry the accustomed May Welland but in the meanwhile Countess Ellen Olenska, suffering inconsolable marriage came into his world making Archer passionately in love her. Commitment and passion are being portrayed in the whole novel. It is where Newland Archer will make his toughest decision whether he will relentlessly wreck his whole life.


Slaughterhouse Five Review Sample

Slaughterhouse Five review

Why Do You Think Kurt Vonnegut Included Himself as a Minor Character in the Novel Slaughterhouse-Five?

In the interview in The Daily Show to Jon Kurt Vonnegut announced “We`re terrible animals. I think that the Earth’s immune system is trying to get rid of us, as well it should”(Organization). From Vonnegut`s point of view, the war is the greatest form of absurdity, and I think with these words Kurt Vonnegut shown his attitude to people who started The World War II, who supported an idea of it. His novel is full of absurdity, the unreality of events, time traveling, and aliens from Tralfamador. Among all these absurd events there is one period of time that is real, it is war period of time. In this autobiographical period of time, we can notice our author as a minor character.


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