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Short Essay Examples: Microsoft Proposed Takeover of Yahoo


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Case 16

Question 1: Redundancy in EVOC Communication System

The EVOC communication system has some redundancy in its system. Redundancy is a term used to refer to the flexibility of the systems of communication that is found by optional systems or means. Redundancy is vital in that it offers room for multifaceted interchangeability of components that can execute a mutual function and systems for backup, which carry out a function similar to the normal function in the event of malfunction of the main system. EVOC system has the potential to fast track police officers and individual members with unique skills that can be delivered to specific crime scenes whenever there are multiple parallel incidents.

Critical Thinking Paper: Frank Gehry’s Dancing House

 On the banks of Vltava River stands one of the modern architectural masterpieces of the city of Prague. The Dancing House has an undulating façade with full view of the Prague castle and Charles Bridge. The site lay empty for close to half a century after Americans in the Second World War accidentally bombed the building that preceded it. Admirers of Gehry’s architecture see his efforts as peaceful reparation for the wrongs committed. On the hand, lovers of original Prague architecture see it as the second American invasion of their city. Nevertheless, the Dancing House exhibits everything about the evolving Prague society (Pesch,14).

Critical Thinking Paper on Dancing House

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Sample Capstone Paper: Health Information Management

What is Health Information Management (HIM)? What is the Role of Health Electronic Records in HIM Nowadays?

sample capstone paper-on-health


Health Information Management (HIM) is an important practice in the health sector. Managing health information plays a major role in ensuring that records are properly stored and can be retrieved whenever required by relevant authorities. In the past, HIM entailed the use of traditional paper work, in which patients’ health records were stored in hard copies. However, paper-based Health Information Management has since been replaced by the electronic system with a view of increasing efficiency. Research indicates that lack of proper health management system by various health institutions leads to many unnecessary deaths. According to the Institute of Medicine, almost 100,000 patients die annually in the US due to lack of complete patient information (Valerius, 2007). (more…)

Analysis Paper Sample: Women as Influential


Advertisements have changed the real picture and the reality of nature, as it is, is slowly fading in people’s mind. It portrays pictures of different people and sex differently – each sex has a role to play in making a specific advert. In this regard, it is possible that the kind of exposure people get from adverts about women can shape or distort our contact with reality. Women are portrayed in almost all ads to be beautiful and having fine bodies. Adverts related to lotions, hairstyles, and all body appliances portray women to be the most beautiful beings in the world. Everyone has seen naked pictures of some women advertising a product (Berger and Guiroz 178). The pictures portray women as very influential ones because they pull a crowd to the advert, which finally becomes a very big business. In almost all secular songs that musicians produce these days, naked women dancing to the music are believed to be the force that gangs support for the artist. (more…)

Examples of Critical Thinking on Health Care


Policy Analysis: Impact of a Program on Cost Saving


The national premarital screening and genetic counselling program was established in 2004 all over Saudi Arabia, and became mandatory law in 2005 (Hamamy & Al-Allawi, 2013). The main objective of this program was to reduce the prevalence of sickle cell disease (SCD) and b-thalassemia by reducing the number of at-risk marriages. Sickle cell disease and b-thalassemia are costly to manage, causing an economic burden to Saudi Arabia’s government and individuals. This study evaluates the effectiveness of the national premarital screening and genetic counselling in reducing the number of at-risk marriages. Consequently, this will translate to cost savings factors due to decreased rates of both SCD and b-thalassemia occurrence. Several scholarly studies have shown some impact of the screening and counselling policy, indicating reduced rates of at-risk marriages. However, the policy impact depends on the number of cancelled engagements or at-risk marriages after screening and counseling. (more…)

Poetry Sample: Sometimes the Words are So Close


In Julia Alvarez’s poem, “Sometimes the Words are So Close,” the writer tries to discover her potentiality but the main challenge is that she imagines the fact that she has not found her own voice. In line 4, she states that her life is still practicing for her real self. This is the first plausible reading. She later discovers that she can stand on her own and speak in her own voice. She finally started writing poems in her own inner voice, when she encourages the readers who have been in such difficulties to take heart from her. The writer began being factual about the passion in her work as a poet and writer. In “Sometimes the Words are So Close,” the writer, Julia Alvarez, showcases a situation in which a person undergoes the same kind of experience, hoping to be in two worlds at the same time, but he/she is in self-discovery as an individual. She discovers her inner voice and talks on behalf of all females who find their prowess, and all the happiness that comes with discovering oneself. This is the second plausible reading of the poem. It is more important than the first plausible reading because it leads to discovery of oneself.


Character Analysis Essay of Elle Woods from Legally Blonde


Elle Woods


This paper reviews the psychology of Elle Woods. Elle Woods is a character in the fictional movie Legally Blonde based on a 2002 novel by Amanda Brown. This review will encompass the theories found in Bernardo J. Carducci’s book, the psychology of personality.

The Plot of the Movie

Woods is the protagonist in the fictional movie. At the beginning of the movie, she is head over heels in love with her boyfriend Warner Huntington. Woods hopes that Huntington will marry her but he breaks up with her claiming that she is not serious enough for him to marry her. (more…)

Critical Analysis Example: International Force Majeure



Force majeure is a phrase used to describe various lawful activities. It describes the laws established in a circumstance or event. Different religions have put in place various laws for adherence by the believers. These laws make up the force majeure in a religion perspective. Countries can also establish various laws for citizens to follow. These laws vary with every jurisdiction in a country. It can also fall under different contract signing regarding obligatory parties. Islam force majeure laws are listed in the Quran, with every law justifying the essence of the religion. Force Majeure has enabled many business parties to negotiate beneficial clauses in contracts. The most significant clause relating to force majeure is the hardship clause. This clause helps the overburdened party to renegotiate the stipulation in the contract. (more…)

Reflection Paper Example

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Personal Insights about Myself in Terms of Leadership: A Reflection

Every semester portends a chance for learning, self-evaluation and self-discovery. However, semesters rate differently in terms of their score on the above elements. Personally, I have found the past semester exceptional in terms of personal progress and evaluation. This owes largely to the contributions from my indefatigable lecturers, as well as the coursework especially from the leadership class. The leadership class has given me invaluable knowledge concerning the making of successful leaders, which I believe have improved my leadership credentials vastly. Also, I have made several personal commitments to support my personal development, which I intend to undertake immediately. (more…)

Macro Environment Analysis Sample

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The introduction of a new product in the market is the headache of every manager. With planning, it can be effectively achieved. It is however affected by many factors. These factors can be internal and manageable within the organization. However there are factors which affect the introduction of these factors which prevent the effective launching of the new product. These factors that go beyond the disposition of the company are known as macro factors which are subdivided into three major factors: (more…)

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