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Creative Writing Examples: Napoleon the Great

Creative Writing Examples on Napoleon the Great

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Napoleon Bonaparte was a famous French soldier and politician who is greatly celebrated for the French revolution.  Napoleon’s mode of leadership was not in accordance to the traditional Europe rule where the leaders would oppress their subjects in the form of taxes and forced labor among others. This sparked the leader to engage in various civil as well as international wars or conflicts, and this forced him to run into exile at some point in his life. The celebrated Bonapatre was born in the late 1769 in Ajaccio in Corsica. This discourse is about the story or rather brief history of the celebrated French leader.

His childhood is well regarded as unique or rather special by various historians during that era. Napoleon was a self driven youth who did everything by himself. At a tender age, he could read great history books and this made him show interest in politics in very tender age. (more…)

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