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Philosophy Term Paper Example


Modern Philosophy Refutation of Berkeley by Dr. Samuel Johnson

Philosophy where it can be said to be the study of wisdom and truth. It is the usual expectation by many that those with extensive experience in philosophy will have more peace of mind than their unknowledgeable counterparts. On the contrary, it is widely the case that those considered as laymen are less disturbed mentally and are as such less of skeptics. They question less and take it easy with questionable knowledge and facts or ideas put forth by various scholars. Quest for knowledge on some of the common sense things sometimes ends up in new knowledge while at times it is an exercise in futility only bringing us back to the same starting point or even in a bigger confusion. (more…)

Depression Essay Sample on Prozac


Serotonin played an essential role in the treatment of depression and the enhancement of neurotransmission. It would be a viable mechanism in enhancing antidepressant response. There was an effort to develop agents that inhibit the uptake of serotonin from synaptic cleft. As a result, there was a study that led to the development of different serotonin reuptake inhibitors referred to as fluoxetine hydrochloride. This was the approved treatment for depression as indicated by the US FDA, a body that approves all treatments in the United States (Jack & Ali, 2010). The development of fluoxetine hydrochloride faced a number of challenges that led to a breakthrough in the process of the discovery of the drug. (more…)

Critical Analysis Paper: Operations Management in Action


I work at pizzeria. This pizzeria is a local restaurant and it has been quite successful. Its success is evident in the few restaurants that have been born the mother pizzeria opened in the several towns in the United States. To be precise, in Kansas, the pizzeria has 5 restaurants with 8 staff. The pizzeria was an idea by two brothers and it was opened  in Kansas in the US. They borrowed money from their mother and rented a building that was on a busy road somewhere in Wichita. The pizza concept was new in America and the same year, the pizzeria franchises were launched. It was able to develop both in the USA and overseas. Today, half of Pizza Hut is owned by franchises and joint ventures are the owners. (more…)

Term Paper Sample: Foreign Direct Investment



Foreign Direct Investment

Literature Review

Models of multinational corporations vary in terms of the positioning of its executive and production departments in one or different countries. Positioning of the executive and production facilities in different countries allows the company to benefit from incorporation in a given locality, and this makes it possible for the corporation to incur the lowest production cost.

Another model is where the corporation bases the main company in one country and operates its subsidiaries in different parts of the world. All the functions of the company are based in the country of origin. Also, another model involves setting up the headquarters of a multinational corporation in one country so that it can supervise the diversity of conglomeration that corporations are associated with in different countries. (more…)

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