Plastic Surgery Essay Sample


Plastic Surgery Essay Sample

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Plastic Surgery and Why It Is a Negative Practice

Plastic Surgery is a medical procedure that involves the utilization of various materials to alter a person’s physical features. Plastic surgery has become a widespread practice in the past few years; the masses have been utilizing this procedure so as to physically enhance each and every portion of their body.

Plastic surgery has two subcategories: reconstructive and cosmetic surgery. Reconstructive plastic surgery aims to repair body parts that are subject to birth defects or traumatic injuries such as burns and dog bites (Gupta 2016). Cosmetic plastic surgery involves artificially ameliorating body parts that a person is not content with; examples of cosmetic plastic surgery include liposuction and rhinoplasty (2016).

Plastic surgery seems to furnish people with the freedom to alter their body as they please, so why is it considered a negative practice? The reason is that plastic surgery ferries with it a plethora of negative side effects. Painful bruises, called Hematoma, may appear on the body (Schaefer 2019). Plastic surgery may also have the potential to cause irreparable nerve damage. Along with Hematoma and irreparable nerve damage, plastic surgery may also cause uncontrollable blood loss, which may prove to be fatal in the future (2019). Apart from all the medical side effects, an individual that undergoes a procedure involving plastic surgery may end up dissatisfied with the end result.

In summation, plastic surgery, while offering numerous instrumental advantages, has side effects that render it rather hazardous. Plastic surgery grants people the freedom to enhance their appearance as they see fit, but phenomena like Hematoma, blood loss, and nerve damage have the potential to be fatal in the long run. Due to these side effects, plastic surgery has earned its controversial reputation.

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