Dracula Literary Analysis Essay

It is common knowledge that members of society have always been curious regarding unexplained mysteries, such as mermaids, UFOs, sea monsters, or fairies. Whereas some people claim these creatures are part of the folk tradition a certain country has and there is hardly any evidence of their existence, some others hold on to the idea that such unknown mysteries are real and that they walk among us unseen. Whether society believes in their existence or not, the undeniable truth is that many people fear these mysterious creatures.

Dracula Literary Analysis Essay

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One bewildering entity that has triggered fear throughout history is Dracula. It is not hard to think of reasons why society fears this bloodsucker; after all, movies and books have told terrifying stories about being bitten in the neck and having one’s blood sucked dry. According to Westermayr, fear is triggered by “absence of imagination whereby the individual becomes incapable of foreseeing.” This entails that, since danger cannot be measured, fear is instinctive and it prompts people to commit acts of self-preservation.

Another important fact that can be added to the stories surrounding these creatures deals with the collective unconscious, which feeds both traditions and marketing. It is essential to bear in mind that these unknown mysteries are part of the folklore a country has: the Nessie in Scotland, mermaids in Denmark, and Dracula in Transylvania. Regarding Dracula, Duncan Light made an analysis of the role it plays in a growing industry. By exploiting his image, Romania has financially profited from the myth by creating museums and theme parks so as to promote tourism and continue increasing fear in connection to the legend.

It is fair to conclude that, whether creatures like Dracula are believed to exist or not, the collective unconscious continues being fed by traditions, so the mystery continues to thrive. Everyone likes toying with the idea that Dracula, mermaids, or Nessie will be exposed on the news. In the meantime, all these mysteries that science cannot explain are feared to lurk in the dark.

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