‘Disconnect’ Movie Review Example

“I got too many friends, too many people
That I’ll never meet and I’ll never be there for.”
Placebo, “Too many friends”

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Upon its quiet release in 2012, Disconnect, one of the sharpest and most tantalizing social dramas of modernity, drew much attention and induced millions of sighs and self-judging thoughts from both critics and audiences due to its socially significant theme and poignant topics. Centering on one of the biggest issues of society today, the destructive impact the internet has on people, the film lays out several stories of avid web users. Weaving the stories together, the director shows the strong, unexpected connection that can develop between total strangers who still manage to stay disconnected and detached from one another, instead being glued to their fake lives that they have created deceptively in the virtual dimension. In the modern world of advanced technologies and the internet, it is quite possible to seclude yourself from the world around your while maintaining a connection to the so-called life offered by the omnipotent digital plane.

The internet erases any borders of communication, self-identification, and moral behavior. This is what, within the film, allows two demoralized school boys to ridicule the music-crazy loner by creating a fake Facebook account of a girl and then asking him for his nude pictures. The unbridled permissiveness that the web gives people is also the force that drives a desperate woman to find consolation and love over a webcam, only to face bitter consequences with the federal government instead. All the stories told in Disconnect are interrelated with one common feature: characters’ unawareness of the devastating power of the internet, which makes them run into dead ends as all the joy and fun they have had online turns into suffering and pain in real life.

Henry-Alex Rubin’s Disconnect is an exquisite, blood-chilling, and thought-provoking social commentary that takes a look at one of the greatest miracles of technology. We see a gloomy yet life-inspired perspective, brightly demonstrating that the technological progress humanity has reached over the last decades can cause tremendous moral and spiritual devastation, given the highly vulnerable and naive mindsets that seem so advanced in their lifestyles and thinking, but, in reality, are just brain-washed consumerists naively exposing themselves to the evil they fail to see.

Rubin’s outstanding vision is what should make us all question the global ritual to connect our “totems” to the wire, instead disconnecting our minds from the life around us.


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