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Organic foods refer to those foods that are produced by the use of organic methods of farming. Organic farming is agriculture where crop rotation is emphasized with the use of green manure, compost manure and non chemical pest control. From an expert view, organic foods are foods that are planted and grown in an environment devoid of synthetic supplement like the manufactured fertilizers, pesticides and other modern inputs. They are also those foods that are not processed through irradiation, chemical food additives or any form of industrial solvents. Organic foods are also known to take longer to mature due to the natural nature of the growth process.

On the other hand, conventional foods take a shorter time due to the effect of synthetic additives like fertilizer. Research has shown that organic foods vary significantly from conventional foods in ascorbic acid concentration. It has been found that organic foods contain a significantly higher level of ascorbic acid compared to other conventional foods.

Raw organic milk contains more omega 3 fatty acids compared to conventional milk. This is an important component in development of the body. Organic crops and foods are strictly regulated as opposed to the other forms of food. It is also appropriate to note that organic food production is significantly different from private gardening. Foods grown organically are not directly exposed to pesticides like the conventional crops.

The only exposure to pesticides is through third party agents like rainfall and wind. Nitrogen content is occasionally referred to as an antinutrient. The amount of nitrogen in conventional leafy vegetables and tubers is significantly higher compared to inorganic foods. There is also the aspect of arsenic threat. Unlike organic foods, inorganic foods have been found to have traces of heavy metals. The USDA researched on arsenic level of organically produced chicken and found that they showed no presence of heavy metals as opposed to the conventional chicken. In relation to Pesticide residues, Organic foods have lower pesticide residues compared to conventional foods.

Pesticide residues are the remains of chemical pest control applied on plants to protect them from pests. According to a similar research by USDA, 7 percent of organically produced foods reported very minimal cases of pesticide residues. These low amounts are attributed to rainfall and then natural dispersion of aerosols. In contrast, 30 percent of conventionally produced foods tested positive for pesticide residues.

Some studies have shown that Organic foods are healthier than inorganic foods. This results are still disputed by a number other bodies that have also done their own research. Based on the nutritional aspect of organic foods, it has been found that there is very little and at times no difference between organic and inorganic foods. According to a research carried out by USDA on organic and inorganic fruits, it was found that the nutrient level difference were negligible.

The London school of hygiene and nutrition has reviewed studies carried out in the last 50 years about organic foods. This review found out that the level of nutrients in organic foods has remained the same compared to inorganic foods. The same case has been reported about inorganic foods whose nutrient value has also been stagnant. Therefore, based on the above studies and reviews, it can be concluded that nutritionally, organic foods are on the same level as inorganic foods…

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