Research Proposal Sample: Early Detection of Breast Cancer

Background and significance


a. New process: Use of Complementary/Alternative Medicine

Women with breast cancer can make use of Complementary/ Alternative Medicine (CAM) in treating this disease. In the United States of America and numerous other parts of the globe, CAM has become a major treatment of breast cancer. Many patients are spending a lot of money in applying this method as a way of treating this chronic disease. In this proposal, I am suggesting alternative medicine as a way of treating breast cancer. There is increased use of CAM because many patients are finding it effective. They do not have risks, and the cost is relatively low. CAM is medical intervention that includes a number of treatment methods like chiropractic, acupuncture, and massage therapy. Even though, this method is widely used in United States, there are concerns that his method is suppressing the use of conventional medicine. The clients of CAM may be tempted to use herbs, supplements, and non-conventional that can lead to a number of side effects. For this reason, I propose that the health care practitioners help in offering CAM education to patients. The use of Complementary/ Alternative Medicine is on the rise as public, medical community, and media have focused their attention here. The use of CAM among American citizens suffering from breast cancer has risen to about 50%.

b. Problem statement

Increased use of CAM is due to demand for an effective method apart from radiations and medicines. The increased availability of CAMs is also due to many varieties and ready availability of CAMs. People have been motivated by lack of hope for a medical cure to start using CMA. Some clients are using this method because of its non-life threatening properties. The chronic effects with which breast cancer comes with may not feel the medical treatments used. The hospital expenses are another reason why patients should opt for CAM.

One problem this method has received is criticism from the medical personnel who discourage it as being a barrier for clients who want to receive appropriate medical treatment. The medical professionals have also argued that there is lack of proper CAM information to clients. This has seen some medical centers prey on innocent clients. Even though, CAM use has been in place for long, there is inadequate documentation over the same. When the patterns of CAM use have been identified, it is good that the medical fraternity examines specific CAM practices with the aim of improving the value of life and enhance survival of patients. For this reason, the use of CAM among women suffering from breast cancer will provide information regarding treatment that are commonly used, how they are offered, and the opinion of clients over the same.

c. Breast cancer

A report released by the National Alliance of Breast Cancer Organizations indicates that breast cancer is one of the most common forms of cancer among women in the United States of America. For this reason, it is significant to understand this disease. This proposal paper seeks to help readers understand the various issues that relate to breast cancer with the aim of giving a clear insight of the disease. Breast cancer cause is yet to be established.

However, researchers estimated that it was first detected over 3,500 years ago in ancient Greece and Egypt. By then, it was described as bulging breast tumors that had no cure. In the 17th and 18th centuries, the effects of this disease were being felt in various parts of the globe. This paper aims at discussing the altered and normal physiology of breast cancer. Although this disease can occur in both men and women, it prevalence in women is more as compared to men. Estimates show that, for every 100 women diagnosed with breast cancer, only one man comes in. This research proposal seeks to concentrate more on this disease in women.

According to WHO, cancer is one of the over 100 different diseases that occur when cells experience an abnormal growth without control. These cells will continue to grow if new ones do not. During this transformation, the normal cells will turn cancerous. It is during this change that gene alteration occurs. At the end, the altered genes will form tumors which can be malignant or benign. A non-cancerous tumor will damage local cells but not spread to other parts. On the other hand, malignant tumors will extend to other body parts leading to damage and destruction of healthy tissues.

Currently, there are many medical advances made which have seen many breast cancer treatment methods invented. This has sparked new hope in those suffering from this disease. Some of the methods are:

I. Surgery

For a very long time, surgery has been used as the main treatment method for breast cancer. After surgery, radiation treatment is used. Other patients will need to undergo chemotherapy. Breast cancer surgery also known as lumpectomy will involve an operation to remove the affected cancerous tissues. This procedure is normally combined with radiation therapy to give effective results. This surgery is done with the aim of conserving most healthy parts of the breast.

II. Radiation therapy

This is a highly effective method used in treating breast cancer. It aims at destroying cancerous cells that remain after surgery. It involves the use of strong radiation energy beams that concentrate on the affected parts like lymph nodes and the breast area. In some cases, it may kill both cancer and normal cells. However, it will kill the cancer cells at a fast rate because they are less organized than healthy cells. This makes them hard to recover after they are killed. This means that the radiation will destroy the cancer cells easily, leaving the normal ones. This treatment method will reduce chances of recurrence by 60%. Although most people do not like it, the side effects are minimal as long as a specialist does it.

III. Chemotherapy

This refers to a systematic treatment method that will affect the whole body since it goes through the bloodstream. The aim of this method is to kill any cancer cells that might have extended to other body parts from the original spot of the cancer. This method is effective because it hinders the rate at which cells multiply. However, it is advisable to realize that it comes with a number of side effects that patients of breast cancer need to be aware of. The recent days have seen this method being renovated to make it even better. There are inner organs like the kidneys and liver that tends to be affected by this method. For this reason, it is good that medical professionals keep track of the negative effects that this method comes with in order to cut down the effects…

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