Medical Research Proposal Sample


Title of project: Medical Research Proposal

Analysis of profit, supply chain, risks, legal and other problems relating to business prospects


There has been continuous economic, legal, political and risk challenges that mar most developmental agendas world over, particularly in less developed economies. Rural areas and urban alike face unnamed challenges of health concerns and therefore require high sensitization as far as medical requirements and standards are concerned. This is why, an initiative to have in place a pharmaceutical plant is particularly of great importance.

Various governmental agencies have consistently strived to set up facilities to ensure that the lives of human fraternity in respective countries have enjoyed their very existence. Nonetheless, their quest to alleviate human sufferings has not been relented as they team up with the able bodies such as WHO to provide sustenance to the ailing and the very venerable members of our society.

While this is so, the economic variables which include costs of putting up such a plant are also a very vital. In this regard, the Phase2medical of Mexico has commanded a lot of attention owing to its model to meet the government’s objective of creating jobs, diversification of medical practices and trends, and improved health standards.

Research Problem

Outsourcing of various tasks in a company or in any organization is a totally new approach that is adopted by most companies and governments in an attempt to not only improve but also diversify approach to doing things. Strong supply chain is a very critical component of this move. This is undeniably a challenge most likely to be faced during this course. Besides, quality control of the entire management is very vital to establishment of such undertakings.

In addition to this, a global environmental law has put in place stringent measures to curb production of invasive and infectious chemicals and instead assess them to ensure that human safety is safeguarded. Nonetheless, strong regulatory laws regarding use and establishment of facilities, setting up costs and the taxations are some of the challenges most likely to face this undertaking.

According to documented facts, funding for such an activity is a major challenge if a company has to cater for the expense of the outsourced human personnel. Besides, it proves close to being exorbitantly expensive to have such a move in any organization.

Rationale of the research

The aim of his research is to analyse the issues pertaining to risks, supply chain, profits, environmental impact assessment and political risks.

Research objectives

On the basis of the aforesaid research, the thesis will project to meet the research objectives that follow:

  • Critically evaluate principles and codes of ethics in medical practice
  • Identify barriers of implementing medical pharmaceutical policies and public health standards
  • Summarise the best practices from other health bodies and nations far and beyond, thereby adopting useful trends for the betterment of the current health practice.

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