Ancient DNA and Biomolecular Archaeology Sample


This research proposal seeks to explain how ancient DNA and bio-molecular archaeology can be used to explain how humans lived in the past and the activities they engaged in. Bio-molecular archaeology concerns studying ancient human DNA collected from sources, such as fossilized teeth and bones and human and plant remains. The proposal uses information gathered from literature review of scholar sources to outline some of the examples in which scientists have used bio-molecular archeology and ancient DNA to investigate the human past.

Introduction/Summary/Background Information

Forensic science has made significant progress due to the emergence of new and improved techniques of analyzing DNA, including the tiniest DNA strands. In particular, it is the field of bio-molecular archaeology that benefits most from research, which mostly involves bioinformatics, chemistry, biomechanics, mass spectrometry, and immunological assays among other techniques. Bio-molecular archaeology refers to the study of ancient DNA, which is primarily recovered from fossilized teeth and bones. Bio-molecular archaeology assists in the recovery and analysis of ancient DNA for better understanding of the human past. This research proposal investigates the ways in which ancient DNA and bio-molecular archaeology have helped in understanding human past.


The data used in this study will be collected primarily through the literature review methodology. The literatures to be reviewed will comprise journal articles and books that outline how ancient DNA and bio-mechanical archaeology helps in understanding human past. It is expected that the literature will provide sufficient, valid, and reliable information concerning the topic of research, since the subject has been investigated and analyzed by many scholars.

Literature Review

Bio-molecular archaeology involves studying and analyzing ancient DNA, extracted primarily from fossilized teeth and bones (Hunter 2007, p. 15). The study may also include DNA recovered from other sources, such as the remains of animals and plants and domestic wastes. Through bio-molecular archaeology, scientists can investigate human past, including aspects, such as past civilizations, invention of agriculture, and origin and migration of people (Brwon & Brown 2011, p. 10).

Bio-molecular archaeology gives insight into cultural and intellectual elements of past civilizations; this helps scholars to understand the origin of civilization. The study retrieves the insights from revisions conducted on the prevailing views based on older techniques and existing written records (Brwon & Brown 2011, p. 11). For instance, a study based on the analysis of the preservation techniques applied in ancient Egypt showed that civilization in the past was more scientifically advanced than previously thought by scholars (Hunter 2007, p. 15). Bio-molecular archeology, in this case, indicates that civilization began a long time ago, only that it was not as advanced as it is at present.

Apart from civilization, bio-molecular research has also assisted in investing and understanding how agriculture was invented and how the invention affected human settlements, disease and health (Langejans 2010, p 972). According to bio-molecular archeology, human beings in Mesopotamia started to grow food crops and domesticate animals about 10,000 years ago. The invention of agriculture affected human settlements in the region as a result of rapid population growth (Hunter 2007, p. 16). The invention, which made humans at the time to change from hunting and gathering to growing crops and rearing domestic animals, also resulted in fewer cases of illnesses and diseases’ attacks…

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