Sample Research Proposal: Fingerprint Payment Technology


There has been a slow paced adoption of the biometrics across the world today. This has been as a result of various factors among them being the poor and inefficiency of the biometrics that were first used. Another point is the vendors who have often expressed moods that are over confident regarding the capabilities of the biometrics and more to this is the increasing concerns on the level and extent of security of the people especially given the fact that these biometrics data are stored by the government or companies’ data bases and the ultimate lack of care or interest in the business world and institutions to embrace this technology. Despite this fact, there is a growing traction for the use of biometrics especially in the accessing of control. Through the use of biometrics in access controls of corporate, various employees are now able to securely access buildings and other facilities by the use of their biometric data. Consumers and employees are even able to securely access their mobile phones, laptops and PCs by the use of biometric data which is unique to them only. The biometric application has gained a lot of popularity, with its application being utilized through the use of electronic passports and fingerprint payment. Globally, there are approximately over one hundred countries that are using the biometric applications.

Problem statement

With the advancement in technology, institutions and countries are moving towards the use of biometrics in the daily today transactions, payment and access to buildings and facilities in secure manner. This increase in demand however comes with the challenge of achieving a perfect balance between the speed of transactions, convenience and security. This especially applies to a variety of applications that need identification or verification, and in which case there is a great need of creating a balance between the speed of transaction at the sale point and the management of the risks that come with the use of the technology.

There are a lot of factors that affect and shape the achievement of this balance. Among these factors include the choice of the biometric system that is to be used, the total number of people who will be users or subscribers to the technology, the side of the authentication be it the client side or the server side and the number that are contained in the factors of authentication. There are certain areas where there is need for a trade off.

However, this balance can be achieved in such a manner that both sides are satisfied. Current research indicates that most consumers are responding positively to the application of biometrics. There is a growth in the number of businesses and organizations that are currently streamlining the cost of transacting business and are creating options in the custom service and reports through the use of the fingerprint technology which is biometric bases. (Kumar & Ryu, 2009)

The fingerprint payment technology

The fact that most businesses are financed and do not solely operate by cash has led to the need for customer verification, transactions processing and service delivery. This verification can be done in various ways including looking up the phone numbers, use of personal identification number or typically verifying the identity cards. However, these methods can prove to be prone to fraud, labor intensive, slow and inefficient especially because the cards can be lost often.

The use of biometric technology helps in the identification of people through their various physical characteristics like the fingerprints which are usually consistent and unique throughout the lives of individuals. This application of the technology based on patterns that are mathematically unique to several individuals has assisted several organizations to enjoy the benefits and to have a hassle free transaction, identification and service to the customers while ensuring that their security is guaranteed.

Reduction on expenses and expediting service delivery

Carrying the identity cards around while doing other activities like jogging, swimming or while on a walk out poses inconveniences as the ID can easily be misplaced. Most of the health clubs are now opting for the use of the biometric fingerprint technology to identify the members and to carry out various transactions. This move comes handy in assisting the members of the clubs to be in a position to access the facilities without the inconveniences of having to carry, locate and to display their cards so as to be allowed into the facilities.

This then helps in the reduction of expenses that are set to be incurred with the cost of replacing the cards that are lost and even reducing incidents of fraud. The fingerprint technology is also used in most cafeterias in making payments as it has proven to be more effective and efficient than the use of tickets and ID cards. The clients are saved the inconveniences of worrying about losing their tickets and tokens and the serving of meals has gotten faster in the cafeterias. (Rose, 2007)…

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