Reflection Paper Example

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Personal Insights about Myself in Terms of Leadership: A Reflection

Every semester portends a chance for learning, self-evaluation and self-discovery. However, semesters rate differently in terms of their score on the above elements. Personally, I have found the past semester exceptional in terms of personal progress and evaluation. This owes largely to the contributions from my indefatigable lecturers, as well as the coursework especially from the leadership class. The leadership class has given me invaluable knowledge concerning the making of successful leaders, which I believe have improved my leadership credentials vastly. Also, I have made several personal commitments to support my personal development, which I intend to undertake immediately.
One valuable insight I have gained in the past semester is that I have several, vital leadership qualities. Surprisingly, I never considered myself as a leader prior to the past semester. On the contrary, I always considered myself as an inferior person either at home, school or while interacting with my friends. However, the leadership class has helped me to reflect on myself critically in terms of my personality’s convergence with leadership. As such, I discovered several attributes of mine that could be extremely helpful to me as a leader. Firstly, I have discovered that I am an excellent communicator especially when trying to share information with groups. For instance, I always strive to prepare my audience whenever I have a weighty issue to share or when I want to request for other persons’ commitment to a course…

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