Animal Testing Essay Topics: Why Exactly This Subject Matter?

The phenomenon of animal testing raises controversy and debate as to the moral responsibility of these types of scientific experiments. And, whether abolitionists or avid supporters, students are seeking compelling animal testing essay topics, rushing to give their own insight into this highly debatable point.

Animal Testing Essay Topics


Essay About Programming


Why Is Linux Better Than Windows For Programmers?

Linux is the kernel of an operating system which was developed by Linus Torvalds. So when we mean to compare Linux with Windows, what we are really comparing is a usable and complete Linux-based operating system (often called as a ‘distribution’) and the Windows series of usable and complete operating systems licensed by Microsoft. The latter’s kernel is not separately available for public use. Consequently, both operating systems differ in the capabilities that they offer to programmers. (more…)

How to Perfect Your Academic Assignment Writing Skills


Rare is the student that is fond of academic assignment writing. It seems that students all around the world have been struggling with paper writing (or whatever they used to write on) as long as the education system exists. Now we have a lot of tools to help us create impressive academic papers, but demands for a paper are also much higher than they used to be twenty years ago. More than that, the competition is also more intense, since there are simply more people on Earth (hello, captain obvious!) and more kids are aspiring to receive higher education. Long story short, writing school and college assignments didn’t get easier since ancient times, and some believe it got harder. (more…)

Analytical Research Paper: Was Richard Nixon a Good President?


Richard Nixon was the 37th president of the United States of America, serving from 1969 to 1974 when he became the first president to resign the office. (Nixon, 2013) I believe Nixon was not a good president. His foreign policies became really unpopular among Americans, especially during the Vietnam War, in which about 300 American soldiers were dying per week. To make a painful total of 58,220 deaths (National Archives, 2016). Although the Cuba policy was accurate, The Watergate scandal is too big to be considered a good president. Corruption is a big shadow capable of destroying any legacy. (more…)

Law Essay: The Regime Of Straits In International Law


According to international laws, when ships or planes traverse through straits that fall within the territorial reach of coastal States, they will be subjected to the rules of non-suspendable innocent passage or transit passage, depending on the states’ regime they stepped into. The innocent passage rule was established in the Corfu Channel case. (The Corfu Channel Case (the United Kingdom v. Albania), 1949). The International Court of Justice held that following international navigation rules, and foreign ships will enjoy an innocent passage through straits that are used for international navigation between one part of the high seas and another or the territorial waters of a coastal State during peacetime. The so-called rule of non-suspendable innocent passage was later coded in 1958 by the Geneva Convention on the Territorial Sea and Contiguous Zone. (more…)

Stop Wasting Time and Learn to Write like Bloggers

There are many people in the world and some of them like to write and seem to be naturally gifted bloggers. Others prefer to read. Have you ever thought about how people learn to write? I am sure, powerful writing demands not only imagination and natural skills, but you also need to spend a lot of time writing. This is at least if you want to be successful and become a blogger.

Admission Essay Help

All of students need professional admission essay help. Lack of ideas or stylistic and grammar errors are a few of the problems they face while writing. Here are a few tips that will help you with your admission essay.

  1.   Try not to write your essay like a list of your own accomplishments. Your grades show that you are smart, so use your admission essay to show the depth of your personality, and that you are a thoughtful adult.
  2.   Try to lighten your essay with smart metaphors or a touch of humor. That is not important, but helps. However, do not overuse it; your essay can end up more stupid than clever. (more…)
Professional Essay Paper

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How to Write a Winning College Essay

It is difficult to write college essays for a lot of reasons, sometimes it is difficult because you do not know the audience, or, because you have poor academic writing skills, and sometimes you simply do not have access to appropriate material.
If you have trouble writing academic papers, you have the opportunity to order cheap essays from our custom writing service, but if you want to write your paper yourself, we will be glad to give you a set of rules that will help you be successful.

Step by Step Writing

An essay does more than simply inform the audience about the theme. The process of composing a paper will teach the student how to brainstorm, research, gather appropriate materials, and to organize the main thoughts logically. (more…)

The List of Original Cold War Essay Topics

As is generally known, the Cold War is the most controversial, interesting and exciting theme in the history of the twentieth century. If you are required to choose a good theme from a number of Cold War essay topics, you should be ready to undertake research of the history, and spend a lot of time and careful consideration on your writing. It might be a good idea to choose a Cold War essay topic that will interest you and your audience. (more…)

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