Animal Testing Essay Topics: Why Exactly This Subject Matter?

The phenomenon of animal testing raises controversy and debate as to the moral responsibility of these types of scientific experiments. And, whether abolitionists or avid supporters, students are seeking compelling animal testing essay topics, rushing to give their own insight into this highly debatable point.

Animal Testing Essay Topics

To nurture in vivo testing or not – that’s the hot question passionately argued by concerned students who, besides doing painstaking research and highlighting their solid assertions, are forced to generate their paper topic in the first place. We took note of this academic issue and compiled a selective range of topics your can use for your research!

Greatest Animal Testing Essay Topics

  1. Animal testing is unethical.
  2. Should animal testing be banned?
  3. Why is animal testing needed, and how do we solve the conflict?
  4. Is animal testing for new drugs necessary?
  5. Animal testing: why not on humans?
  6. Why animal testing should be banned, and what we can do as a society to fight this issue.
  7. Can one ensure chemical safety without animal testing?
  8. All animal experimentation (including cancer research) should be outlawed as advancements in technology have made animal testing unnecessary.
  9. Substitutes to animal testing.
  10. Animal testing has contributed to many life-saving cures and treatments: does this justify the phenomenon?

Crafting an essay on a contentious topic requires immense proficiency and awareness in the subject. With so much opposition rising to this phenomenon, the problem of animal testing has become encompassed by a great number of arguments and disputations. And this makes it quite challenging to dedicate an entire essay to this subject, let alone choosing the right topic for it. The topics we presented were selected according to the most trending issues as to this problem, so be sure to make good use of them!

Best Animal Testing Research Paper Topics

  1. Human testing vs. animal testing.
  2. The ethics of animal testing and medical experimentation on animals.
  3. Pros and cons of animal testing.
  4. Origins and history of animal testing.
  5. In vivo testing: the colossal downside.
  6. The controversy of testing on animals.
  7. The ethical side of animal testing.
  8. Positive and negative outcomes of animal testing.
  9. An outlook for animal testing.
  10. Animal testing and groundbreaking medical advancements.

As a substantial academic genre, a research paper requires a lot more knowledge and effort than an essay. Therefore, deciding on the topic for this paper is as tiring as elaborating on its subject. When compiling this ultimate list of topics for your research paper, we considered the most popular and controversial trends in animal rights protection.

Animal Testing Topics: Persuasive Speech

  1. Legal framework and scope of animal testing.
  2. Economic feasibility of testing on animals.
  3. Animal testing and its philosophy.
  4. The marketing nightmare that stems from animal testing of beauty products.
  5. The effectiveness of animal testing.
  6. Medical animal testing is justifiable.
  7. Medical animal testing is ethically wrong.
  8. Ivan Pavlov: a genius or a sadist?
  9. Should animals that are genetically close to humans have more rights?
  10. Is there really the need for so much animal testing?

A persuasive speech features some basic and distinctive specifications that define the choice of its topic. And, as experience suggests, choosing a topic for this type of speech is more difficult than settling on the topic for an essay or a research paper. A rhetoric speech is targeted at persuading the audience to accept a particular viewpoint, as well as calling their attention to the matters being discussed. For this reason, the topic of a persuasive speech should be intense and compelling, and these were the major aspects we based our search for these topics on.

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