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Why Is Linux Better Than Windows For Programmers?

Linux is the kernel of an operating system which was developed by Linus Torvalds. So when we mean to compare Linux with Windows, what we are really comparing is a usable and complete Linux-based operating system (often called as a ‘distribution’) and the Windows series of usable and complete operating systems licensed by Microsoft. The latter’s kernel is not separately available for public use. Consequently, both operating systems differ in the capabilities that they offer to programmers.

Because of the resulting freedom to choose different components such as editors, compilers and assemblers, programmers working with Linux systems have a greater choice of tools which they can use in their work. For instance, Ruby is a programming language that has recently attracted a lot of attention. Usually Linux systems already include Ruby. Some Ruby programmers believe that in the future, GNU/Linux will become the desktop operating system of choice for programmers (Karthikeyan 2017).

Further, many Linux distributions are available free of charge, whereas Windows has to be paid for, either separately or as a part of the PC’s cost itself.

Hence, we see that the versatility offered by Linux systems allows programmers to experiment more than what they could with a Windows system. Programmers often have to choose between multiple approaches in order to solve the same problem. If they work with an operating system that lets them transparently work with the internals, it gives them greater control.

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