How to Prepare for Essay Writing: Guide and 10 Tips

How to Prepare for Essay Writing

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When you become a college student, the amount of homework you get may become your worst nightmare. You are loaded with more essays and research papers to write, but you don’t get more time. As a student, you become more independent than before. Many students take on a part-time job to get some extra money. If you live away from the parental home, you also have to dedicate your time to cleaning and cooking.

After all, you’re a young and sociable person! You can’t waste your best years on studies, work, and cleaning. The question is how to save time for friends and parties and not miss out on good grades at the same time?

The answer is simple: you need to learn how to prepare for essay writing so that the writing process goes faster. With proper preparatory work, your writing and grades won’t be affected, and you’ll get more free time. Let’s see what steps you should take to prepare yourself for essay writing.

How to Prepare for Essay Writing: 7 Steps

Although seven steps might seem a long way for only preparatory works, each of these points will help you to save time and complete your homework faster. You don’t have to follow all the steps. You may choose some of them to boost your writing process.

Step 1: Pick the right topic

If your instructor doesn’t limit you with a specific topic and gives only a general theme, it’s your chance to pick the right topic. The writing process will be so much easier if you feel inspiration and excitement. Choose an aspect of the theme that is interesting to you. For example, let’s say you aren’t a big fan of classic Russian literature, but you love fashion. Why not research Russian fashion of the 19th century based on the novel “War and Peace”? An unexpected perspective on the well-known novel will bring you a good grade! Or let’s say that you need to write an essay about animal testing. In this case, we suggest you to check out our topics.

Step 2: Set aside a certain amount of time

Procrastination is a serious time-consuming factor. An efficient way to fight it is to set time limits. Promise yourself that you’ll complete your essay in three or four hours (it depends on word count). Then, set a timer. If you manage to finish your essay in time, reward yourself with ice cream, an episode of your favorite TV series, or lunch with your friends. If you fail, do something that you’re not excited about. For example, you can start cleaning. And in a month, you’ll get a new useful habit for completing your essays in a limited period of time.

Step 3: Find the perfect place

The right atmosphere is crucial if you want to complete your essay as soon as possible. The place should be quiet and not crowded. You also need to sit with comfort and have access to the internet. The room should be ventilated and well lit.

Step 4: Remove all distractions

Before going into the writing process, make sure that nothing will distract you. Put your phone in airplane mode – you can check all the calls later, and you won’t be able to switch your focus to social media. You can also use incognito mode on your laptop so that Google won’t tempt you with YouTube videos.

Step 5: Make an outline

Composing an outline will help you to structure your ideas and see the whole picture. Turning the chaos of thoughts in your head into a well-structured essay will take time. When you have a plan, you don’t waste time trying to remember what examples, arguments, or citations you’ve wanted to use in a particular paragraph.

Step 6: Find inspiration

Writing from scratch with no backup can be tough. Good sources (articles, reviews, books) may serve as inspiration, but they’re not always enough. We recommend you to check free essay samples on your topic. You may find many of them online. In case your theme is specific, apply to writing experts who will provide you with a template.

Step 7: Divide the essay into parts

“Divide and conquer” is a great everyday rule. When you divide any of your tasks into parts, it doesn’t seem massive and impossible. We offer you a standard scheme:

  • First of all, formulate your thesis statement. That will allow you to structure the whole essay properly.
  • Secondly, compose body paragraphs that contain arguments and examples. Don’t forget about the logical connection between paragraphs.
  • Finally, add an introduction and conclusion. They should be relevant to your thesis statement and body paragraphs.

How to Prepare for Essay Writing: 5 Tips

These tips aren’t related to essay writing directly. However, if you stick to these recommendations, studying will become more efficient.

1. Attend lectures and take notes

Writing an essay will take much longer if you know nothing about the topic. Making small efforts constantly is more efficient than trying to put all the knowledge on the planet in your head when you have a few hours before the deadline. Lectures and your notes serve as a perfect basis for essay writing, so don’t neglect them!

2. Pick a topic in advance

Selecting a perfect topic may take a long time. As soon as your professor gives you an assignment, make a list of topics that might interest you. Your subconscious will process them during the day (and even when you sleep) without visible effort. When you start the writing process, you’ll already have some ideas about your topic and argumentative strategy.

3. Practice regularly
Efficiency comes with experience. If you practice essay writing regularly, you’ll learn how to do research, formulate a thesis statement, and proofread your texts faster. Any skill can be improved, including writing.

4. Collect helpful services

The internet is full of free sites and services that come in handy when you have to compose an essay. First, find a reliable service that will help you with proofreading. The most popular option is Grammarly, but it’s certainly not the only one.

5. Make sense of the requirements

If you don’t understand the instructions, don’t be afraid to ask for clarification. Rewriting your essay will take much longer than asking a few questions.

Despite all our efforts, sometimes we just can’t write an essay by ourselves. Health issues, family problems, a bad mood – anything can stand between you and a good grade. A lack of time and inspiration isn’t a reason for getting an “F” for your essay!

Apply to the BuyEssay writers! We’ll provide you with a well-structured sample on any topic and any discipline. You’ll be able to use our work as a template for your assignment and deal with it in the blink of an eye. Buy essay and save more time for your friends, work, and rest!

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