Stop Wasting Time and Learn to Write like Bloggers

There are many people in the world and some of them like to write and seem to be naturally gifted bloggers. Others prefer to read. Have you ever thought about how people learn to write? I am sure, powerful writing demands not only imagination and natural skills, but you also need to spend a lot of time writing. This is at least if you want to be successful and become a blogger.

Learn to Write Perfectly with 7 Editing Rules

Be ready because popular bloggers usually do not hurry to give up the secrets to their success. They try to hide all tips and tricks from everyone. Think that this is unfair? Maybe, however, these are the things that they study during a writing career and, logically, you might do this if you were in their shoes. Their success should be a good kick for beginners, do you not think so?
The Buy Essay team has prepared some editing rules that may transform your writing. Are you interested in seeing them? LET’S SEE THE TIPS FOR CREATIVE WRITING ONLINE!

1. Too Many Article Words NO MORE
Be more precise and try not to start sentences with there, that, here, which, who, when. Because of this, readers may not understand what you are talking about. Pay special attention to them and try to avoid them.
Look through the examples below and learn to write correct sentences with us:

  • It’s fun to edit. A better variant: Better editing is fun.
  • There are many people who write. Correct: Many people write.
  • There’s nothing better than blogging. The right variant: Nothing is better than blogging.

Where is a tip? Each time you want to use articles, turn on your brain generator and try to replace them with another word. Look at the first example one more time and let’s find an alternative variant: “I love editing. It’s fun.” As you see, there are no articles used, in the same moment, readers will understand what you are talking about.

2. Get rid of Ineffective Words
The infinitive form of the verb “Be”: How often do you use it? Remember, it is weak form to compare words that express actions. What are we talking about? For example, she is blogging. Much better is: She blogs. Why do we recommend the last variant? Because it expresses an action.
The main point of the tip – is to avoid weak words and use action words.

3. Weak Adjectives are a Disaster
This is the same idea to the previous point. Weak adjectives only make your sentences long. Unfortunately, they do not have a strong impact. See below for substitute words.

  • Bad – terrible;
  • Very big – huge;
  • Very beautiful – gorgeous;
  • Very tired – exhausted.

Look at these forms in the sentences below:
Tom says that he is very tired, and he does not want to go with us. Better and shorter: Tom is exhausted, and he does not want to go with us.

4. Do Not Confuse Readers with Redundant Phrases
Are you an active user of flabby writing? For example: Hope you are a highly intelligent student and do not write such words as “gem”, as it is a nonsense.

5. Being a Manipulator is Not So Bad
Certainly, you cannot use this tip, but sometimes it can be featly. For example, when you need a “loud” and short headline.
Cool tips on editing do not sound so expressive like COOL EDITING TIPS.
Great advice on how to boost traffic. Much better is: Great traffic-boosting advice.

Definitely, much more interesting and useful tips exists, which may be found on our website.

Creative Writing Online Will Rescue the World

As you see, there is nothing impossible. After proper studying our creative writing online tips, you may try to cope with an assignment.
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