Visual Arts Essay


It happen us to often face arts’ creations anywhere, and maybe without having an intention or without having though about, and even if there is no particular intention of the creators to impose certain impressions, they may simply stimulate your thinking about what they represent, symbolize and what is the importance of understanding them.

For many people, art is described within domain frames of aesthetic senses, while many others are ensued with strangeness feeling and oddity and impossibility to embrace it, or to create a logical connection with it. (Kosovo’s Gallery of Arts, 2010) Some people may find it unacceptable to relate with the purpose of such creation, which may result from their inadequate capability to comprehend and inability to accept visual phenomenon, while the others who are perspicacious and have a sophisticated nature of thoughts, are more perceptive toward the visual world. (Kosovo’s Gallery of Arts, 2010) Within visual domain, the senses are always dependent on phenomenon of perception. Thus some people may face just a piece of work of art, and they may sense the feeling of beauty even though the rest of the art work may remain unknown to them. (Kosovo’s Gallery of Arts, 2010)

An important aspect of an art work creation, or in the exhibition of an art work is to know how its elements are organized, and what their role in representation of visual phenomenon is.

Artists may analyze the elements, manipulate or organize them accordingly to the specific nature of problems they may want to show or treat. (THE VISUAL ELEMENT-The Building Blocks of Composition in Art.  Elements in the work of art are considered visual language of art; therefore, each element plays an important role. Usually, within a critical approach of an art work, are identified the elements of arts on which the artist has placed the emphasis, and what organized techniques of elements were used to show the message, or to create the impression.(Gallery of Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports. 2010.)

Elements of visual arts are usually organized from artists in order to emphasize the importance of them through the exhibited images, signs and symbols, and through which they describe the world or nature of problems concerned, by using various exhibiting methods like: narration, propaganda, promotion, illusion, imagination etc.

The language of art is complex, unique and sometimes it creates a more real sensation than the writings, and the problems which are tackled might be understood not in a direct way. Contribution of arts in society is not always the same; therefore the art may have a positive impact on the society or a negative one.

The art work creations, and the artists on the other side have both played an important and preventive role toward the problems of society, its mission remains on showing to the public, facts of human’s way of life.


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