Types of Research Papers

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August 15, 2011

Like essay you will wind a lot of types of research papers. Before writing the research paper you should acquaint what kinds of them are the most common:

  • Argumentative research papers
  • Analytical research papers
  • Compare and contrast research papers
  • Cause and effect research papers
  • Subject-based papers
  • Reports

Types of Research Papers to Choose from

Below you will have the possibility to read about the main types of research paper.

Argumentative research papers

These types of papers presuppose to contain different arguments and thoughts of the author. Twp sides of controversial issue in the significant characteristic of the argumentative research paper.

Analytical research papers

The main aim of this sort of paper is focusing on the material from different scientific sources. The author of such type of paper should remember that he or she is obliged to analyze different points of view in the paper. The writer is due is to be committed in all these ideas and thoughts. Moreover he should be broad minded to accept all the suggestions given by various people.

Cause and effect research papers

This type of paper will talk about the probable cause and the outcome which is expected. Usually cause and effect research papers are useful in such fields as education and business.

Subject-based papers

Subject-based papers are the most common type of papers that are written in colleges and schools. The research point of the paper will be based on some particular subject that is handled by the professor.

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