Climate Change Research Paper

Describe the Latest Climate Change in the Pacific Ocean Within the Last Five Years


The developments in the pacific illustrate a significant shift in climatic developments. The Pacific region consists of over 2000 islands consisting of over 1.9 million people. The region consists of various marine ecosystems that range from mountain structures to marine life in the deep water. Each region in the pacific highlights the aspect of climatic conditions; however, the similarity is that each region is affected by the changes in climate conditions. Based on the information provided by the Pacific Island Regional Climate Assessment (PIRCA), there are several changes in climate conditions, which highlight the effect of global warming.
According to PIRCA’s 2012 report, the pacific region is experiencing a decrease in rainfall, an increase in temperature, sea level, carbon dioxide, and sea surface temperature (Bassiouni, “Trends and shifts in streamflow in Hawai’i”). The changes correlate to the increase in global warming, which presents a challenge for the islands susceptible to rising sea levels. In addition, the rise in temperature affects the wildlife and plants in the region, which forces animals to migrate to cooler temperatures to avoid overheating and death. This applies to land and sea animals that seek convenient climate conditions to sustain an ecosystem. The rise in sea level forces people to move from sea level and seek habitation on higher ground. In addition, the strategy serves to seek cooler temperatures.

Between 1993 and 2010, the sea level has risen by over 15mm per annum. The highest rise in sea levels occurred in Western Pacific. This correlates to the changes in rainfall in the region. In Hawaii, the rainfall decreased even though the region enjoys cooler temperatures (Burke, “Reefs at risk revisited”). The region illustrates that there was a decrease in the stream and river levels discharging into the ocean. The river discharge decreased by 20%, which indicates the lack of rainfall in the region. This has an effect on the drinking water because the reduction suggests a limited supply of drinking water. This will affect the ecosystem and reduce the natural environment…

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