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The United States Intelligence System: Cuban Missile Crisis Aand Pearl Harbor

During the Middle Ages of the Cold War, the United States of America and the Soviet Union had a lot of tensions between each other. Сuba is perfectly situated country near the USA, and the Soviets decided to use it in their needs, more specifically, to make any kind of threats against the United States. What are the relations between the United States and Soviet Union? Was Cuba a second role player? Also, the more specific points about the history of the Cuban missile crisis can widely open our eyes on the situations, which have taken place in the 1962. Also, the actions of intelligence in Pearl Harbor were very important in case of estimating of intelligence systems and agencies. However, the role of the intelligence policies of the USA played an important and an integral role in the process against missile threats inside of the USA or it can estimated that intelligence agencies is an example of ineffective institutions, in which the government have no any need.

Cuban missile crisis is a kind of processes, which took place in 1962, when The United States with the head of the government in the face of John Kennedy, and Soviet Union with general secretary in the face of Nikita Khrushchev – had tense relations, and tried to compete each other in different spheres of developmental processes. The main reason, why this conflict started, was the fact, that the U.S. Start to develop their nuclear system, also, built the missile installations in Turkey.

Soviet Union, decided that this can be very dangerous to the country, and the nuclear base in Cuba was the best reason and the ability to resolve this conflict. By the way, The Fidel Castro approved the Soviet Union’s proposition. Soviets acted quickly and secretly built missile installations on Cuba territory. By virtue of negotiation, debates and other types of communications, U.S. Soviet Union and tried to discover the deepest facts about their actions in the field of missile installations and development.

The Cuban missile crisis was the first step to the nuclear world war. Cuba in case of the Soviets and Turkey in case of the United states of America were only the best method to influenced by each other. However, by dint of adequate acts from the side of the two heads of the magistrates, this war was averted.

What was the role of the intelligence in the USA in the Cuban missile crisis? The most obvious and important example of the intelligence acts in Cuba, can be named the fact, that the president of the United States Kennedy had no any information about the real situation on the island. He is known only the facts, which were presented by the Soviet’s to him. But the intelligence group provided the head of the government with photos of missile installations. Only thanks for these photos the United States of America can decide how to act in future against the Soviet Union.

However, the intelligence agencies at the beginning of the missile installations in Cuba, were created for spying and against Castro’s regime and acts. The United States worried about the fact, that the communistic regime of Cuba situated too close to the United States. So the most important question for the USA was the regime not military threats from Cuba or Soviet patron. Also, the second failure was that the United States intelligence system, create the report about Castro’s relations with the Soviet block and Latin America.

In this document was presented such information as Cuba was not supported by the Soviets, Cuba was not dangerous for the USA, and, also, The Soviets tried not to support the Castro’s actions. Such information was presented as a well-prepared document. By the fact, at this moment on the island were a lot of Soviet’s soldiers, and on September 1962 the missile rackets were delivered to the Cuba. Only when the Soviet’s finally built the missile installations in Cuba, the United States intelligence makes a report about a dangerous situation.

Such estimation of the situation by intelligence agencies can create such kind of unfavorable conditions for action in case of nuclear war. The last estimate of the situation on the island was “The Military Buildup in Cuba.” So, the government of the United States had the information with delays, which can be fatal, if the war acquired a more rapid pace in the development.

The American Intelligence is an example of well structured and widely spread system all over the world. However, the actions, which can provide the States with unneeded situations seem to be the hobby of such organizations. The next example of the State’s intelligence action is the Pearl Harbor. I would like to provide you with a small exception of Pearl Harbor historical background. First of all the main players in this conflict was Japan and the United States of America.

It was a kind of well combined and suddenly attacked from the side of japan. The goal of Hawaii operations was the destroying of the American fleet to more open actions in the Pacific region of Japan. In this case the United States had their agents, practically, in all spheres of Japanese political and government structure such as MAGIC operation ( thanks for this organization, the head of the government had an access to the most all numbers of Japanese embassies in Rome, Berlin, Washington etc. MAGIC provides the government with a lot information about Japanese actions), next is radio traffic, which was under control of the United States of America, and some other sources.

The question is concerned not only to the structure, but the quality of the actions of the operation. In case of Pearl Harbor the United States had the information that the Japan will attack. But when, where and how – were the questions which have no answer. And now I will provide you with some examples as Grew case, and Popov case. The first is about the Ambassador Grew, who provided the United States with information about the actions of Japan, was not understood by Navy intelligence and Army of the United States. This two American organizations just did not trust him. The information was about a mass attack from the side of Pearl Harbor by Japan…

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