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The book, ‘the sociology of organizations’ provides a wide overview and critical analysis of the issues pertinent to the functioning of organizations in the corporate world. The content of the book provides useful background information to students and researchers alike, which they can use to develop a theoretical base and understanding of the concepts of workplace organization and corporate operations. The book is suitable for scholars in the social sciences of management, sociology, organizational psychology and behavior, economics, and political science, who wish to further their understanding on the manner of operation and functioning of organizations. This paper shall perform a critical review of parts three and four of the book, which talk about the coordination of work and the autonomy and control respectively in order to further understand the impact of workplace dynamics on the two areas.


The third part of the book talks about the importance of an organization’s management to coordinate work and various tasks among its employees in order to attain synchrony in its operations. This is in reference to the strength there is in numbers and especially among corporate employees. By working together, employees of an organization are able to pull together their skills, resources or different departments, and the members of the organization are able to apply their intelligence and strengths to solve various problems and issues that may be facing the organization and its members as well. The resultant effect of such effective coordination is that the organization can achieve maximum performance and profitability due to efficient processes in problem solving.

The author identifies ways that an organization may coordinate its employees so that they can work in harmony. One way would be through networking. The book emphasizes the need for different employees in different departments to form networks through which they can share information on how best they can perform their duties in order to meet the organizations’ demands and goals. Such networks should be guided by formal and informal relationships among the employees and should be geared toward meeting the individual needs of the member partners as well as those of the organization.

Another way that organizations can coordinate their work is by cooperating among the employees so that they can share resources and knowledge on certain areas of cooperation. The author, however, points out that cooperation requires trust and commitment among the employees from similar and different departments so that they can meet the agenda of their cooperation.

An important aspect in the coordination of work for employees in the workplace is collaboration. Employee collaboration is an important tool to employees as it enables them to enhance their capacities to perform the tasks allocated to them. The effect of such collaboration is that the employees perceive their fellow colleagues from the same or different departments as partners working toward the achievement of the allocated tasks and not as competitors.

For successful collaboration among employees, it is important that the various employees and departments know and understand their roles and responsibilities and uphold them through the entire work and collaborative efforts. Besides responsibilities, it is also important that the employees and departments share the risks and rewards arising out of their collaborative efforts in the fairest manner possible. The result of effective collaboration among employees is improved efficiency in the performance and delivery of workplace tasks is mutual trust among the employees and increased efficiency in the delivery of services, which leads to increased performance for the entire organization.

Coordination of work requires that the employees and management together develop and build relationships between and among them to guide their coordinating and collaborative efforts. The book advices that such relationships are better when built on both formal and informal ties to provide the employees with a multi-faceted approach to working together. Despite the benefits of working together in a workplace environment, there are a number of challenges that an organization can meet in its efforts to coordinate work.

Some people believe that working alone is more beneficial and efficient than with others or that the gains of working alone are higher than those of working in a group. Another problem in the coordination of work is mistrust. Some employees act in distrust toward their fellow colleagues and others might keep useful information from those they are working with in an effort to develop competition among them.

In some cases, management and employees may lack the affective communication skills necessary for effective coordination among those involved. Organizations that do not appreciate diversity in the workplace also find it difficult to coordinate work among employees and various departments as a result of practices such as racial and other forms of discrimination among employees…

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