Math Formative Assessment: How to Get Ready?

Only five out of ten students were in class yesterday. What will you comment on this? One can say that only half the class is interested in the subject, another one can say that five students were not motivated enough to come. And those who will answer that attendance is 50% think as real mathematicians. Such questions are dedicated to check the way of your thinking. You can be asked similar questions during the math formative assessment.

In this article, we are going to play the role of your mentors and give you recommendations on how you should prepare for your assessment. Also, we’ll provide you with information about types of formative assessment for math.

Formative Assessment for Math: Why Do You Need It?

The aim of this type of assessment is to uncover problems that students have with studying the discipline and make a strategy to solve these problems. This activity is helpful for students and for teachers. If the educational program is too difficult or too easy for your class, this assessment will show this. Also, it can help you to understand whether you think as a mathematician or not. So, this task will also be helpful for choosing your future career.

The Big Mistake

“Education is very important” — bet you heard this phrase so many times that you already hate it. We wouldn’t like to annoy you, but this statement it absolutely true. The majority of people are lazy primarily when they are not motivated. Unfortunately, you’ll understand why you needed to learn all that school and college stuff in several years. Now you study because it’s a tradition and some disciplines are really engaging — but not all of them, right?

While studying, you get tired from time to time and you probably would like teachers to draw the reins. However, the educational program is tested many times and no one has died from studying yet. The more you will know now, the easier it will be for you in the future.

Some students fail formative math assessments on purpose. Their aim is to make teachers change the program. We insist that you shouldn’t do this. That way, you will have an easier program, and as a result, you’ll get less knowledge. And as we already mentioned, you can’t even imagine now which types of knowledge will serve you well in the future.

How to Prepare?

If you think that there’s no sense in preparing for an assessment because you won’t get scores, you are mistaken. You also should take care of your reputation. If you have been an A-level student all the time, and suddenly you get low scores for the assessment, your teachers will be upset, or maybe even angry with your results. You should always do your best regardless of the scores. In adult life you won’t get scores at all, but you can be fired, or even worse.

We’ve prepared several recommendations on how to prepare for a formative assessment in math:

  1. Always be “heads up.” Your assessment can include different topics that you have been studying during the semester or the term. Therefore, you should revise old topics from time to time. We suggest such a scheme: before studying each new topic, revise the previous one and once in a month revise all the topics that you have already studied. That way, your knowledge will always be fresh.
  2. Communicate with your teacher. If you have any problems with the task, inform your teacher about this. It is likely that other students also didn’t understand it, but all of you feel confused to answer. Asking questions is the most effective way to improve your skills and knowledge.
  3. Keep in touch with senior students. They can tell you how their math formative assessment was held, which questions they had, how their teacher acted during the test, and other questions. You can also ask them about other disciplines and tasks. The most important part is to get into rapport with them.
  4. Ask your classmates for help. If you can’t reach your teacher at the moment and you have difficulties with the task, you should contact some of your classmates. They will probably try to help you with your task. Or, at least, you’ll find allies that also can’t cope with the assignment. Don’t skip tasks! Math topics are interrelated. If you just skip one of them, you will need to put in a lot of effort to catch up with your class.

Types of Formative Assessment for Math

Your assessment will probably include several types of assessments. Some of them can be:

  1. Multiple-choice test. We are sure you know what this is. You will be given mathematical tasks and you will be suggested possible answers. You need to solve the task and choose the best answer. Don’t stick to one task for too long to cope with all the tasks in time.
  2. Practical tasks. These tasks will probably be from different topics. Some tasks for formative math assessments can be more difficult than your ordinary homework tasks. Such tasks are included in the test to define students that have stronger mathematical skills than their classmates.
  3. Self-evaluation. You will be given a paper with questions about your impressions about the subject. The question will concern your attitude to it and problems that you have with the discipline or separate topics.
  4. Questionnaire. Your teacher will ask you several questions related to math or logics. The entire questioning process will take a couple of minutes. Therefore, you won’t have enough time to think about your answers properly. The most effective recipe to succeed is to speak without hesitation. Even if your answers are not correct, you’ll show your wit.

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