Marketing Essay: Essential IT Skills Marketers Should Have

marketing-essayOver the last decade the market has been totally changed because of economic adjustment and technological advance (UF Executive Education). The main requirement for a company to be successful is a marketer, who keeps up with the times and develops modern, highly appreciated abilities to perform duties. As a result, they have to become proficient in IT field and acquire additional skills, besides the common and standard ones. This will help marketers to collaborate with clients, analyze the market, promote products or services carefully, and understand consumers’ needs.

One of the essential skills, which promoter must have is knowledge of the Data Visualization application. This program is going hand in hand with the statistical analysis crew, which will help you to design powerful and more affordable presentation for the audience, for example info graphics. The explicit reason for the use of this application is the growth of popularity of platforms, which allow people to share and trend graphic pictures online, such as Instagram and Tumblr.

The next and very important ability in the field of the contemporary marketing is Social Media Marketing. This tool will help to make your company more recognizable, higher brand authority, and richer customer experience. Many examples of implementing Social Media in this context exist: new customer can be more familiar with the  brand by stumbling upon newsfeed in Twitter or Facebook; loyal clients can leave good feedback, which will attract new members; marketer can be updated about consumers’ opinion about the company and make an appropriate marketing strategy to improve your service level (Forbes, 2014).

The main condition for marketers to be professionalis to have strong technical skills, besides of broad-based knowledge. Marketers have to learn new tools, applications, and channels, by using which they can understand all customers’ needs to meet stakeholders demand.


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