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July 1, 2015

You know, once author James Michener said: “I am not a good writer. However, I am an excellent rewriter”. Certainly, you may have a desire to write, but not all people can cope with this task. It does not mean you need to forget about this wish. Our professional writing service advises you to start a rewriting process. Find out how to make writing clearer.

FAILS NO MORE! Professional Writing Tips for Any Case

You may learn to write interesting papers with long sentences, but it does not mean that everything is correct. I am glad that you agree. It is about time to look below and see the rudest mistakes.

Error #1 Passive Voice in Use

Using passive voice seems to be a popular thing, and quite often, students include it in their papers. Why is it better to neglect using passive voice? The point is in the subject. It becomes helpless and mostly depends on the influence of outside forces. In well-written sentences, the verb should be powerful and an active tool based on the subject’s actions.

Error #2 Flabby Phrases

Sometimes you can notice that some writers use long phrases or a string of words, where a single word would suffice. Our team at our professional writing service advises you not to use these wordy phrases. For example:

  • Use “because” instead of: “due to the fact that,” “according to the fact that,” “in light of the fact that…”
  • You may use “about” instead of: “in reference to,” “concerning the matter of.”
  • Use “Can” instead of: “is able to,” “has a capacity to.”
  • There is no point in using a package of words that make sentences much longer if you have a good chance to use one word instead of them all.

Error #3 Pay Special Attention to Wordiness

Wordiness is a widespread problem for many students and even writers. Using details and unnecessary modifiers in sentences ruins clarity in academic writing. Learn to write short sentences with these words:

  • Definitely
  • Certainly
  • Kind of
  • Basically
  • Generally
  • Actually
  • Typically, etc.

Learn to Write Without Mistakes with Our Professional Writing Service

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