Learning to Write Without Mistakes AT ALL!

A favorite game lots of people all over the world play is Scrabble. This fun game even has a day of celebration – April 13. Have you ever heard about that? Surprised? I bet you are. There are not so many games that have a celebration day. It is a perfect game for people of any age as learning to write words correctly doesn’t hurt anyone.

Brain Muscles in Action: No Mercy in Learning to Write Correctly

Some people used to think that games are a useless wasting of time. But, in this case, we cannot agree with. For example, Scrabble is a great opportunity not only to have a significant brainstorm, but also to find out new interesting words and even remember them.
Scrabble doesn’t forgive mistakes and lack of word stock. Our team thinks this is a good kick to set particular goals and to reach them as in the game of life; don’t you think so? We will tell you some secret words that you can use for future victories. However, it is not so simple as it seems to be at first glance. An important thing is also to use strategic skills, if you want to win.

Learning to Write 7 Awesome Words for the Victory in the Game of Scrabble

How many cool words do you know? Right now, I am talking about decent words. This game is not only good for spending time with friends, it is also an excellent training in spelling and writing. Let’s look at the list of rare words, which lots of people have not even heard about. However, you can get a victory with them.

  • Quizzify

You will be a lucky one if you can draw a first letter Q. After that, you will need to find out whether you have strategic skills and can handle the second letter Z in this word. Those who have enough imagination and have a good “information system” can be ready to think quickly learning to write this word in any place

  • Jumbles

This word can help you make a clever move during play and show opponents the best strategy. You will be surprised, but word “jumbles” can serve as a winning word in Scrabble

  • Whizbang

This is one of those long words that can help you in this game. Do you want to reach success? Then you need simply to add part “whiz” to already played “bang,” and watch how your score jumps!

  • Maximize

This is one of the most popular and easiest ways to increase your score in Scrabble. Do you know that playing the X tile can easily give you eight points and words with seven letters can increase personal scores? You will be a real hero if you manage to write such a word at once and win 50 bonus points, not bad?

  • Quickly

Do not breathe! Even don’t blink! Okay, I’m just kidding. However, there is some truth in using these words to win. One of the professional writing services available, Buy Essay, recommends that you be attentive and watch the game board. As soon as you see the rare Q tiles, then you will have a chance to make this word.

  • Quixotic

This is a complicated word as it contains two of the rarest letter tiles in the game — Q and X. But a chance to play by the help of this word is quite real. Notice, using rare letter tiles lead to high scores. Be sure this word will obviously impress opponents and raise your scores.

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