How to Write a Psychology Research Paper

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November 1, 2013

Sections of Psychology Research Paper

  • Title. This part should be about the content of the psychology research paper, written in a few words.
  • Abstract. This is a brief summary of the whole research paper, including the existing problem, the appropriate method for solving it, the results, the conclusions. Don’t write your abstract as a hasty afterthought. The reader should be able to understand the paper fully from the abstract. Its purpose is to let the reader to decide whether to read your psychology research paper or not.
  • Introduction. Tell what the problem is, what question you will try to answer, why it is important. It may be important for some practical reasons, or theoretical ones. Do not neglect either type of reason. If the problem is a basic one, you can state the problem first, then review what you found out about it. If the problem grows out of past literature, reread the history of how it arose.
  • Method. This section provides the details of how the writer went about doing the psychology research paper. It is usually divided into several subsections such as subject, materials, and procedure.
  • Results. This part is a summary of what you have found. It should contain summary statistics that will help readers see what happened. Also, it should contain the results of some statistical tests.
  • Discussion. It’s a good idea to start the discussion with a summary of the results. Then go to the main part.

General Advice for Psychology Research Paper Writing

Although you do not always know who will read your paper, you should write your paper as if your reader were a scholar, maybe a professor, graduate student, etc. This is particularly difficult in psychological papers so you will be better off if you buy a research paper for sale.

You can assume the reader is intelligent, however he or she can only read your paper, not your mind. Therefore, when you use any terms that are not obvious, you should make sure to define these words to remove any ambiguity.

Style. Academic paper writing may seem a bit pompous and convoluted to you. A lot of such works are, but the best are not. Do not use words just because they may sound academic.

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