Health Care Essay: Fat People

Do Some Fat People Have a Valid Physiological Medical Justification for Being Fat?


“If two heads are better than one, then what about double chins?” These words belong to Jarod Kintz. Overweight has become a real worldwide problem. Lots of people all over the world suffer from it. The scientists found out that overeating is not the main problem which causes obesity. There are also a lot of other factors which can cause this illness.

According to the source WHO (World Health Organization) 1.4 billion people suffer from overweight, one third of them have obesity sickness. In fact, overeating is not the only prime mover of the illness, there are also other reasons. It is very important to take to the consideration genetics, psychological and medical justification for being fat. According to the scientist’s research there are following conditions which can increase risk of obesity:

  • health and medical conditions,
  • changes on the genetic level,
  • psychological factors.

It must be mentioned that people, who suffer from diabetes (the second type), have some problems with metabolism or homeostasis can also suffer from overweight. There is also hypothyroidism, hormone, which makes the feeling of hunger stronger, as a result one can fall back into metabolic illness. In fact there are a great number of people, who use the hormone therapy as a treatment. It should be mentioned that almost all of the hormone medicines can cause metabolism illness. On top of that scientist mention emotional factors, which lead to weight gain. Stress, lack of sleep, anger.

These three are a real danger for all of us. According to the research people who do no sleep enough prefer high calorie dishes because of a high level of ghrelin and leptin in blood. Talking about genes we must emphasise that you have a risk of obesity, if your relatives suffer from this disease. Scientists have mentioned that there is a nuclear protein known as FTO which can increase the feeling of hunger. A human, who has two kinds of it, is programmed to eat lots of food.

All things considered we can draw to the conclusion that people suffer from overweight and obesity not only because they love food that much or have a sweet tooth. There are lots of health, medical, psychological conditions which lead to weight gain.


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