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We hope that recent articles on report writing helped you to figure out how this kind of paper should be written. Now it’s time to perfect the details of your paper, and today’s topic is report writing research methodology.

What is research methodology in report writing?
Academic writing guides are often full of fancy sounding words with unclear meanings. Don’t worry, soon you will get used to it and figure out the meaning nearly intuitively. But until then we advise you to find a simpler equivalent of the word you often stumble upon. In the case of methodology, feel free to discard the latter half of the word, and you are left with “method.” The latter part of the word is derived from Latin “logos,” which means “science, learning.” So, methodology is science of learning or, in other words, a collection of ways to do things. The definition says it is a collection of methods we use in a particular field or activity, but remembering “ways to get things done” is much easier, right?

Why is research methodology report writing important?

Many students find the demand to explain the ways of doing the research superfluous. Mainly they think: the research is done, I have the results, why do I have to bother with writing a whole chapter about methodology? Here are just a few reasons from a much longer list which will prove that you need that chapter with methodology:

  1. The method of collecting data affects your findings, so you need to prove that the method is valid, logical and objective, and so are your conclusions.
  2. Your evaluators need to know that the research method is reliable and up-to-date. In other words, you didn’t go to or by fortune-telling cookies to determine the outcome of your research. We bet you did some serious scientific stuff, and you need to prove that to the research committee.
  3. You need to pinpoint possible problems one may encounter while dealing with the issue you are researching, and the ways you avoided them or dealt with them if they occurred. Maybe you weren’t able to eliminate some of the problems – then you need to show the possible impact (if any) on the results of your research.

Where can I get help?
Even with extensive instructions and plenty of time to complete the assignment, research methodology report writing is not an easy assignment to do. Given the typical situation many students are in, we assume that you have neither enough time to figure out the assignment nor enough energy to complete it. Don’t worry, you are not alone – professional writers from are always ready to help you. Here are just a few more reasons to show you how awesome we are:

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4) Free revisions.
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