Essay on Leadership: Is Leadership a Skill That Can Be Taught?

Leadership is a process during which a person can control the group and get good results.


To become a leader one has to be born a leader. But is it true? Some people think so. But in reality leadership comes from good understanding of effective management. According to Lombardi, “Leaders are made, they are not born. They are made by hard effort, which is the price which all of us must pay to achieve any goal that is worthwhile”[1]. Leadership is a skill, so it can be taught. But the process needs a lot of efforts to be successful.

Leadership consists of: intelligence, instinct, courage, communication, discipline, self-confidence. Leaders must know how to gather information, structure and analyze it. Feeling the world around helps leaders to see the right conclusions and have courage to take decisions even if they are unpopular and face the circumstances.

Leaders are usually good listeners and public speakers. By communicating with the group leaders can motivate people, persuade them.
Bright examples of leaders are:

  • Abraham Lincoln. By signing the Emancipation Proclamation he ended slavery in the US. His courage and beliefs helped to keep people together.
  • Donald Trump. He is an American business magnate. A man of deep thinking, full of energy he is a bright example of leader in modern world.
  • Muhammad. He could make Islam the second largest religion of the world due to his courage, persistence and ability to take decisions.
  • Adolf Hitler. He was one of the strongest leaders even if his world vision was wrong. His military expansion was one of the greatest in the history. His strategy helped him to invade more than 10 countries and as a speaker he was one of the best.
  • Julius Caesar. He was one of the best political and military leaders of all time. The expansion of Roman Empire is the best example of his strategic planning.

Nowadays a lot of coaches try to teach leadership but only few people can learn it. Leader skills once taught have to be practiced always in order to develop the mind.


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