Eating Disorders Essay

Eating Disorders: What Makes Them So Resistant to Treatment?


Usually people with eating disorders do not want to be treated. This adversely affects the general state of health and also creates discomfort for the person. But still there comes a time when the patient realizes the problem and wants to change. Relatives, friends and coworkers help to understand and realize the problem. Then, often with reluctance and fear to gain weight, they proceed to the treatment.

Most people believe that they have eating disorders and are confident that people exaggerate, coming up issue. There are also quite a few people who understand the threat, but her shy, afraid of being discovered. Many fear the potential effects of treatment, such as weight gain or interference with their drive to exercise, restrict food intake, purge, or lose weight.

Diseases like anorexia, bulimia and other eating disorders have proven resistant to traditional treatment. Combining medical treatment with psychological intervention produces results that are superior to those achieved by either approach alone. It is impossible to find an effective program of treatment for all patients with eating disorders because there are many types of eating disorders and there are many causes of eating disorders. Eating Disorders can affect men and women of different ages and different social status, not bypassing and children. No single program can meet every patient’s needs.

Two-sided vision of the problem and recover widespread reluctance among people even with a notification of negative and sometimes dangerous effects of the disease. For example, symptoms may be comfortable for them and they don’t consider it is necessary to change, to live for another regime that may not be so comfortable.

Some are afraid to gain weight, believing that ideal is thinness, the other – it can not be reset. That’s why motivation is one of the most important components in the initial stage of treatment.

Motivation – a very important thing during the treatment, but there may be ebb and flow of it. Even during the treatment, people can feel indecision, despair. Accepting that recovery from eating disorders will take time and not happen overnight will make the process easier for all involved.

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