Federalism Essay: American Government


A democratic society refers to a socio-political system that formally recognizes and upholds equal citizens’ rights, privileges, and freedoms. In addition, citizens hold supreme power through leaders they elect to make policies that govern the country. The United States government is a federal democratic system that represents fifty-two states that make up the United States. The federal government is composed of three distinctive branches: the judicial, executive, and legislative arms, all governed by the U.S Constitution. The government should ensure that all citizens irrespective of their race, ethnicity, religion, or political affiliation have access to basic human needs. In a democratic state, citizens, organizations, and other interest groups are free to come up with projects that uphold the wellness of the public. It is important for individuals to make a difference by positively influencing the society through viable projects that seek to alleviate social problems, such as unemployment, poverty, human health, and crime. This paper shall discuss a project that addresses the plight of vulnerable children in the society, taking a note on various concepts relating to the American government.

Many children lack the necessities for a healthy lifestyle, such as adequate food and clothing. Most federal governments have various programs in place to address these issues. However, these cannot sufficiently address this social problem. Individuals should come up with organizations or interest groups to assist these children. Decentralization is one important concept in the American government that allows individuals to make an impact in the society.

Decentralization allows individuals to come up with great projects that alleviate human life. A decentralized system constitutes of county governments, city governments, state governments, and the federal governments. Each one has its abiding constitution that defines its duties, powers, and areas of jurisdiction.

Most constitutions allow individuals to make a difference by engaging in activities that promote human well-being. For this reason, we sought to start a small group to assist needy students together with my friends. The group’s purpose was to save lunch monies twice a week and buy necessities, such as stationery to assist needy students in care homes. Additionally, we collected clothes that we no longer use to distribute to selected care homes once every three months, including from willing neighbors.

The second concept is the constitution and how it affects the formation of organizations and groups. The constitution requires registration of interest groups and other non-profit organizations with the local governments. Main purpose of registration is to keep track of the groups, regulate their activities, and assist them financially where applicable. It is also a constitutional requirement that the groups have their own governing constitutions, carry out scheduled meetings, and engage in community projects they propose. The constitution also requires that similar projects integrate and work together to share various logistical costs, such as premises and transport…

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