Essay on Social Media: Accounts of Geniuses

essay on social media

If all dead geniuses (scientists, philosophers, etc.) were to be alive and in social media, who would get the greatest number of “followers”?

Known for being outlandish, the Iron Sheik currently has four hundred and ninety nine thousand followers on Twitter. 

In a beautifully written eulogy, entitled Love Isn’t Everything, Rev. Ernest Angley (1991) alludes to how this could be possible,  “If you have love, you have just about everything…Without real love, you re the poorest of the poor”. The Iron Sheik is vulnerable and people want to love him.

In the days Sam Walton helmed the company, people loved Wal-Mart. Shopping there was like coming into the best variety store ever and being treated like an honoured guest. There was something for everybody to buy and customers were made to feel welcome.

Traditional ways of doing business followed the principal of buy low and sell high.  Sam Walton was the first person to make a fortune by buying low and selling low.

In his biography of Sam Walton, author Vance H. Trimble (1990) quotes Irwin Chase, then president of Ann & Hope Inc., a discounter, “There’s no one in the world I respect more than Sam Walton. He’s a great retailer, a great motivator, always asking questions and trying to learn. He never talks about himself; he tries to get you to talk… he’s the outstanding kind of person we need in Washington” (p. 110).

On social media today, Walton’s customers would chat with him to tap his knowledge or just spend some time with him because he came across as real and friendly. His detractors would be happy to disagree with him and his appeal would cross generations. Like the Iron Sheik, Sam Walton was a master of promotion. This was all part of his genius.


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