Essay on Religion: Islam Changes

What were the main influences that changed the Islam since its Golden Age?


Islam may have changed. Their viewpoints, philosophies, and their documentations remain unchanged.  People change over the years. Islam culture has split into non-mainstream religious groups with each one calling the other non-Muslim. Each group has to have control and wealth, which brings about violence within Islam culture. Over time, the Muslim domain began to crumble after the world war causing The Islam sect to split into several nations, making countries valuable properties in the Middle East and has caused numerous into deprived circumstances (Strand, 2015).

The Islamic Golden Age, 1100 -1200, has left an impression on today’s world due to their knowledge of science, medicine, art, literature and architecture styles. Abbasid Islamic societies socialized with the Christians that lead to the Muslins creating magnificent robes for the Christian Kings from Muslin’s finest fabrics, Arabic calligraphy and architectures found within European fortresses, and buildings throughout the world today. Those buildings still stand today.  The Golden Age has left a lasting impression on the Muslims and non-Muslims and the generations of today (Narcle, 2015).

“In the modern era, the Islamic historical paradigms have little influence on state formation. Even the avowedly Islamic countries do not hark back to the past but represent, for the most part, contemporary national states appealing to a new concept of national-state Islam” (Lapidus, 1992).

Islam religion is growing worldwide.  Some say there are changes since the Golden Age where others say no. The Islam Golden Age has many Muslin creations that have brought about many famous creations to our world today.

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