Essay About Weight Loss

Essay About Weight Loss

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What Is the Best Psychological Way to Lose Weight?

Have you thought about your attitude to food? Perhaps, long-established habits prevent you from losing weight? Try to answer the following questions:

  • Do you consider it necessary to eat everything that is put on a plate?
  • Do you eat a lot, when you have a bad mood?
  • Do you agree to fill your plate again, even if you feel satiety?
  • Do you eat while reading or watching TV?

It is easy to guess that positive answers to all these questions indicate eating habits as not suitable for a healthy life-style. You do not eat because you are hungry. You are controlled by the mood, not by the appetite. There are studies showing that the passion for eating (especially sweets) is analogous to alcohol or drug dependence. Thus, in stress situations, overeating becomes a kind of inadequate form of psychological protection, such as calming effect and distraction.

Methods of psychotherapy

The fight against overweight requires two tasks. Firstly, it is necessary to reduce body weight to normal. Secondly, it should be maintained at the proper level. Overweight person is the result of established habits – malnutrition and lack of physical activity. As Kathy Leach says “there are two aspects of maintaining the large body: the need to eat excess food and the need to be fat” (Leach 11). Therefore, if these habits remain unchanged, the image of “being fat” stays in your mind.

Ways for solving

How can you solve these problems? It is necessary to radically change the habits associated with food and exercise, rework your life style. For example, be ready to set new challenges for yourself! It may be a month without sweets, or No-Eating-While-Reading, etc. Psychotherapeutic methods can help in achieving these goals.

The most popular way of psychological impact on a person in the field of weight loss is a comprehensive approach; it includes a variety of techniques aimed at:

• The formation of dietary stereotypes and correction of overeating as a reaction to stress;

• Getting rid of dependence from high-calorie foods, forming calm, indifferent attitude toward them;

• The formation of the ability to understand the signals of one’s body and satisfy its true needs.

To conclude, psychological help can reduce excess weight without extreme willpower, without incredible physical and mental pain – on the contrary, you will observe a diet with excitement and good mood.

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