Diversity Essay Sample

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January 25, 2012

Preparing to write an essay on diversity can be stressful for students, but possible to do. Diversity is a popular theme among the students. If you were assigned to write a diversity paper you need to know that this is a challenging theme if you wish to handle it well. The key to this topic is to explain the term “diversity”.
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“Importance of Diversity in My Life
Diversity is a core value in my life. It brings a sense of knowledge to me in a way that cannot be taught in class or anywhere else. The impact of diversity and its importance in my life can be split indifferent parts. These parts are generally referred to as aspects of diversity. Diversity in its application includes the ability to serve and interact with people with different views and background. The first aspect of diversity that has had a great impact in my life is cultural diversity. My City is made up of different people with different cultural beliefs. There are minority groups in the City. Some of these minorities have had a history of being poor. By embracing cultural diversity,
I have been able to understand the needs of these minority groups on a better level. By being exposed to their beliefs and having an in-depth understanding of their lifestyles, I have been able to understand life from a different perspective. Were it not for cultural diversity in my home town, I could not be able to understand other people’s background. Such situations always lead to ideological differences between people of different cultural groupings. Through cultural diversity that has been embraced by my community, I am able to avoid such confrontational situations.

The education system has also instilled in me a sense of gender diversity. This is so considering that our society is one that promotes social integration in schools. The idea of girls and boys sharing classes and other recreational facilities has impacted my emotional stability in a way that can be summarized as excellent. Political diversity is another form of diversity that has had a significant effect in my life. By allowing different political parties to operate, the state has offered me a chance to experience political diversity on first hand basis. The effect of this is that the parties are offered an opportunity to sell themselves to the people. By doing this, they give information that one could not have had access to were it not for political diversity. Such is the positive effect of political diversity in my life…”

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