Computer Science Papers: Parallel Computing In India


A multiple tasks processing at the same time on multiple processors is called Parallel Processing. The main idea of parallel program is multiple active processes, solving a given problem together. Research by Buyya and Vecchiola (2013) illustrates that “Processors divide given task into multiple sub tasks using divide-and-conquer technique and each one of them are processed on different CPUs. Programming based multiprocessor system with divide-and-conquer technique is called Parallel Processing” (p. 40).

India took its place in history of parallel computing in 1988. Research by Burkhart (1990) illustrates that “Indian projects based on concept of parallel processing systems includes the use of industry standard hosts, providing incremental computing power, availability of critical components, and reasonable performance for a range of scientific and engineering applications”(p. 11). Developing own relevant for country and market technology can solve economic and political problems in India.

India has taken a major national initiative in parallel computing through the launch of the Centre for Development of Advanced Computing as a 3-year time-bound project mission with an outlay of about 300 million (US$ 20 million). Launching of C-DAC marks the beginning of a new phase in development of Science and Technology in India. As Burkhart (1990) has noted “In recent years, India has launched many strategic projects, such as, space missions, remote sensing, oil exploration, biotechnology, enhanced oil recovery and medium range weather forecasting” (p. 11).

The parallel processing technology is effective and demanded. It can be used commercially. Parallel provides high performance computing which is a fast growing industry all over the world, and India can take main place in this advanced technology, as it can leverage on its relatively low-cost sustainable intellectual resources in hardware design and in creating programming environments and parallelizing a large body of application software, besides making contributions in development of algorithms, modeling and simulation.


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