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Writing a proposal for dissertation is not always a strict requirement, but if you decide to take the initiative and submit a proposal, your supervisor will be pleasantly impressed. In case writing a proposal is mandatory for you, this simple guide will lead you towards a successful paper.

The Short Definition of a Dissertation Proposal
Before we get to writing a dissertation proposal, let’s figure out what a proposal is and what kind of information you have to include. To put it simply, a proposal is your plan for the research process. The three main reasons for writing a proposal are:

  • Show that your future research will be useful and important.
  • Indicate how it will contribute to the existing knowledge in the field.
  • Prove that you have sufficient research skills to solve this academic problem.

When you start writing, remember that the main audience of your proposal will be your dissertation committee.

Common Mistakes While Writing a Proposal

  1. It’s not an essay.
    Though proposals on humanity science research topics may seem like an ordinary essay, there’s a difference. A good essay requires you to prove your opinion and even list the opposing arguments, while a research proposal is a presentation of your topic. All you need to do is to state it, describe the background and suggest what you are going to do to investigate it further, no conclusions, no opposing facts. Let’s say you are advertizing your research topic for more people to be interested in it by the time you finish your research.
  2. It’s not a shorter version of a dissertation.
    Many students become stressed as soon as they hear about a dissertation proposal. The reason is they think this is a shortened (or sometimes even not so much) version of their future dissertations. If your dissertation Is a ready dish to impress the dissertation committee, then your proposal is a recipe in a cook book. You need to show the plan you are going to follow while writing your dissertation, and connect your future research to the existing ones (that’s why “in the cookbook”). If you still don’t have any idea what to do, it’s alright, you can count on us and get professional dissertation proposal writing help.
  3. Conclusions in your dissertation don’t have to match those stated in your proposal.
    Your proposal is only a guess of the outcome of your future research. It’s true that you have to do some primary research before writing your proposal, but this doesn’t imply that you have already figured out everything. So don’t panic about not knowing what kind of conclusions to write in your proposal, or that your dissertation conclusions wouldn’t match those of the proposal. And in case you need dissertation proposal help, we are always ready to provide it and do all the difficult parts for you.

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